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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I directly communicate with the tutor and send messages?

As a Basic FREE member you can see the contact details of only a few tutors in your location for only one category or segment. Whenever you send a message, the tutor will just get the intimidation of your tuition enquiry. Your message content or contact number will not be visible to the tutor. To avail the full scope of services, you need to subscribe as a Premium Member. For subscription details please see above.

Once the tuition is settled, do I need to pay you anything extra?

No, student subscription fee is the only payment that you make to us. We DO NOT charge any commission on a tuition settled between you and a tutor or a tuition center.

Do you give guarantee of getting a tutor on payment?

We suggest that you first search for potential private tutors from our tutor or center listing. If you find some suitable tutors and wish to contact them, then you can opt for paid subscription. You can upgrade your profile any time you wish to.

How will I be assured of the qualification and tuition skills of the tutors?

We have stamped tutors who have had their certificates verified by us. You can be assured of their authenticity. However, it is always recommended that you ask the tutors to show you their certificates and credentials.

Being a premium member, what are the service benefits that I will get?

You can directly see the contact numbers, email ids and complete details of all tutors and tuition centers in your preferred location for any 3 chosen segments or categories. Hence you can directly communicate with the tutors. Tutors selected by you will receive your tuition requirement message through mobile alerts, emails and so they can directly speak to you regarding tuition settlement.

Do I need to go to the tutor's place for taking tuition or can it be arranged at my residence as well?

You need to speak directly to the tutor and discuss in detail regarding this. We donít interfere in this process.

Can I get online tuition from your website?

We have a listing for Online tutors in our website. You can check the tutor profiles, see the tools that they are using and contact them for your tuition requirements. At present, we are not conducting any online classes directly through our website, although we are hoping to start it within a couple of months.

Do you help in fixing the tuition fees to be charged by the tutor?

No, the tuition fee has to be mutually decided and agreed upon by the student and the tutor. MyPrivateTutor does not have any say on this, nor does it take any responsibility here.