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Are you not satisfied with the amount you earn from home tutoring and coaching classes?  Do you want some extra money with minimum effort?  Great Idea!

You can sell your study materials, ready-made notes, and answer copies online to earn more. My Private Tutor can make this possible for you.

We will help you sell study packs among thousands of students registered in our website. It is simple and profitable.

How to sell your study packs through us?

  1. Select topic idea based on subjects and class you are interested
  2. Prepare soft copies of your study materials in any common format - doc. PDF, txt, jpg, jpeg. You can also email us
  3. Upload them after signing into your tutor/center account with Myprivatetutor.
  4. Give a small description about your study material and mention the price for it.
  5. Students interested to buy your study notes can send you message or directly order through us.
  6. We will charge only 20 % commission from the total price you have quoted.
  7. All payments will be send to your bank account after each purchase

To know more how this happens, you can call us or ask for live help.