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Tutors for Tertiary Level in Sai Kung

Tutors in Sai Kung

Valerie Chen

Member Since 20/09/12

Master of Business Administration; Bachelor of Commerce (major in acc..

English, Accountancy: Management, Bookkeeping..

Providing guidance to primary school students since 2009 with their homeworks and helping them to pr..

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Clearwater Bay; Tko


Member Since 20/04/16

Master of Science in Finance; Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Bachelor ..

Economics, Business, Finance, Marketing: Communications, Marketing: St..

Primary school students from Year 1 to year 6 secondary students from year 10 Tertiary students..

Real life business, economics and commercial experience and examples..

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Sai Kung, Tseung Kwan O, Wan Chai, North Point

Louisa Wah Hansen

Member Since 03/01/16

English Tutor and Speech Coach; Former Journalist..

English, Journalism/Writing, Presentation Skills..

Tutoring English grammar, writing and conversational skills. Students include: -primary school stud..

I tailor-make my lessons to each student based on his or her level of competency. My approach is ver..

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New Territories


Member Since 17/07/15


Mathematics, English literature, English language, Physics, Presentati..

I am enrolled in Engineering at UST. I have taught High School and Senior Secondary School Students ..

First class will be free of charge to give me and the student an opportunity to connect and understa..

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Clear Water Bay

Max Ma

Member Since 17/03/15

I am a University Graduate...

Sales Training, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese..

I am having over 20 years of experience in mandarin speaking, with experience of teaching mandarin t..

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