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Tutors for IB, AS/A level, Senior Secondary in Sai Kung

Tutors in Sai Kung

Samson Leung

Member Since 15/09/17
Premium Tutor

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (First Honour)..

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Additional Math, GRE, ACT, SAT..

6 years in tutoring high school students, familiar with various international curricula: IB, GCE AL,..

Lively examples to introduce new concepts, challenging problems to consolidate knowledge, past paper..

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Hong Kong

Doug Coster

Member Since 15/06/17
Premium Tutor

ABRSM & AMEB Grade 8 Piano - doing ABRSM Diploma. TESOL Certificate..

English language, English, Music Theory, Piano, Keyboard, Organ..

Private tutoring in both Music and English in HK for last 2 years...

Firstly to establish the students current level of knowledge and what their goals are. Then to decid..

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Member Since 06/01/16
Premium Tutor

M.Phil from HKUST and 9 years Tutoring and Teaching Experience..

Physics, Mathematics, General science, Science, Science [general]..

Teaching Associate in HKUST, Clearwater Bay. Worked as a TA for undergraduate courses from 2013 to..

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Sai Kung, Clearwarterbay, Tseng Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, Sha Tin

Ellen Jeffcott

Member Since 23/10/16


English, Geography..

Currently International Kindergarten teacher. 2 years experience teaching Geography at high school ..

One to One tuition at my place

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Tui Min Hoi

Kartik Choudhary

Member Since 13/09/16

IGCSE A level Mathematics A* ..

Physics, Mathematics, Computer studies, Chemistry, Accounting, Busines..

Have previously had 10 students for various levels who achieved excellent grades in their exams...

Very easy going and friendly approach. Very calm and understanding. I have many younger cousins who ..

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Clear Water Bay


Member Since 17/06/16

PhD in Engineering at HKUST..

Maths, Science, Physics, Mathematics, Additional Math, Engineering, St..

• Teaching assistant at HKUST for 3 years • Private Tutor for university entrance exam (e.g. HKDSE)..

• Tailored to the needs of the student • One-to-one private care • Patience and tolerance..

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Math, Physics

Kitty Chow

Member Since 21/05/16

IB Diploma graduate (Renaissance College, 2016). Predicted Grade of 45..

English, Biology, English language, Mathematics, Economics..

I studied in Australia for a few years during my childhood. I have attended international schools in..

IB/Middle School: I will focus on developing the student’s weaknesses and building their confidenc..

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Ma On Shan, Sai Kung, Sha Tin, Tai Po

Jeremy Lo

Member Since 07/07/15


Physics, Mathematics, General science, Additional Math..

I have tutored a group of HK primary school students as volunteering work. During high school, I vo..

Use logic and geometry to improve understanding to mathematics. Avoid memorising "proofs", encourag..

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Hong Kong


Member Since 21/10/17

PhD in Civil Engineering from HKUST..

Maths, English, Science, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Statistics..

I teach Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and English at, Primaey, Middle, and Senior Secondary leve..

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All Areas


Member Since 17/07/17

University of Oxford - Biological Sciences..


I am currently studying Biology as a full time student at the University of Oxford, and I am home f..

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Waterloo Hill

Priscilla Lam

Member Since 21/06/17

IGCSE (10A* 1A), IBDP (results - pending)..

Maths, Chinese, Music, Visual Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Additional..

I have no official tutoring experience. However, I have experience teaching younger students English..

Flexible, case-to-case approach: I will evaluate the personality of the student in the first few les..

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Sai Kung / Ma On Shan / Sha Tin / Kowloon Bay / Choi Hung / Tseung Kwan O

Erin Lee

Member Since 28/05/17

BSc International Business and Economics..

Maths, English, Music, Business, Economics, Mathematics, English langu..

I have taught primary school students piano during my University years as a part time. I am fully qu..

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New Territories

Benan Yildirim

Member Since 26/03/17

International Baccalaureate, IGCSE,..

Mathematics, English language, Physics, Chemistry..

I have tutored IGCSE Physics and Mathematics before...

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Clear Water Bay

Eleanor Harriss

Member Since 26/03/17


English, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese, English language, English litera..

Tutoring children of ages 2-3 foundational English and also Primary 5 students English. Additionally..

Going through syllabus content needed and explaining any unknown concepts in simpler terms. Then app..

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Clear Water Bay

Charlie Li

Member Since 22/02/17

HKU graduate..

English, Chinese, General Studies, English language, Humanities Social..

I have experienced teaching Chinese, English and Chinese history. I specialise in speaking skill enh..

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Hong Kong

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