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Tutors in Tsing Yi

Paul Hogwood

Member Since 06/07/16
Premium Tutor

Bach (Elec) Engineering, TESOL..

Physics, Mathematics..

I have 10 years of experience in lecturing and tutoring at Australian Universities. Also 20 + years..

I'm a westerner who's lived in Tung Chung for 5+ years now. I have a passion for teaching, and have ..

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Tung Chung

Helen Lee

Member Since 16/09/16

GCE A Level and GCSE, IGCSE..

Mathematics, General science, Chinese, Economics, Additional Math, Psy..

I am a year 1 student studying Accounting and Finance at HKU. I have studied in the UK for 5 years, ..

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Tung Chung

Ken Chung

Member Since 19/06/14

B.Sc Physics,CUHK..

Physics, Mathematics, Science..

-I have having tutoring experience of 4 years for teaching the kids in Mathematics and Physics. -I..

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Andrea Quinn

Member Since 06/11/17

Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education (Music), Bachelor of Music..

Music, Music Theory, Guitar, Violin..

- Violin/piano teacher for 2 years (2015-2017) at various primary schools based in Melbourne - Prov..

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Tsing Yi Station

Christine Lui

Member Since 05/10/17

bachelor's degree..

English, English language..

I was born in the States and then attended Diocesan Girls' Junior School and Diocesan Girls' School...

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Ching Shing Court

Kit Lee

Member Since 07/08/17

ecology, evolution, and conservation msc..

English, Chemistry, Biology, English language, Psychology..

I have recently graduated from my master degree in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at Imperial C..

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Tsing Yi Station

Alvin Chu

Member Since 09/07/17

GCSE, I-GCSE, A-level, graduated from UCL..

Maths, English, General Studies, Science, Biology, Mathematics, Additi..

I have tutoring experience of Maths with primary students in 2016 summer...

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Kowloon And Nt

Jj Cheung

Member Since 15/05/17

iGCSE certificate and 2nd year IB (finishing mid 2017), finishing seco..

Physics, Mathematics, Business, Philosophy..

I have taught a volunteered English program as a class with other volunteers...

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Tsing Yi

Indu B.

Member Since 24/09/16


Mathematics, General science, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Science [ge..

I have more than 3 years of experience in helping students of various age groups and diverse backgro..

My approach is learner-centered. I love to know my students and their learning needs and mould my te..

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New Territories


Member Since 01/07/16

Bachelor Degrees in English and History..

English, General Studies, History, English language, French, Chinese-C..

I have five years of experience in tutoring and have received great feedback from my students. Not o..

I believe in inspiring the students to learn. Therefore, I have a friendly but also firm tutoring ap..

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All Areas

Chu Ling

Member Since 27/06/16

Geography Degree Holder, Energy and Environment Masters Holder..

Mathematics, Geography, English, Music, Maths, General Studies, Englis..

I have experienced in tutoring for 5 years. Teaching English, Mathematics, Geography and music...

Friendly, patience to help students understand. Regular homework to help students practice...

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Hong Kong


Member Since 31/03/16

BA (Hons) English..

English language, English..

I have experience in tutoring of secondary school students in Hong Kong. Also, experience as English..

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New Territories

Bob H. Livar

Member Since 03/09/15

Registered patents, Managerial Background..

Physics, English language, Science [general], English, MS Office, Powe..

I have been teaching Math, English (General, Engineering professional, General Business/Import, Expo..

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Discovery Bay, Haven Court

Lorenzo Ponce

Member Since 12/07/15

Interned at a Special Education Needs tutorial centre, Part-time TA at..

Mathematics, Geography, English, Maths, Music, English language, Econo..

SEN Concept Intern (Jun 2014) Taught English, maths, & held play sessions with special education n..

Unless otherwise requested or required, the lesson layout is generally as follows: 1. Review of h..

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Tung Chung


Member Since 14/03/14

Violin Grade 8 in ABRSM..

Physics, Mathematics, Violin..

I am having 5 years experience of tutoring. I can teach Mathematics, Physics and Violin...

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Tsing Yi Station

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