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Member Since 16/11/16


English, Chinese, Phonics, Chinese-Cantonese..

I am student and I study in University of Washington.I have dropped my study this year. I have been..

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Kwai Fong

Ms Joan

Member Since 09/07/16

Certificate in Teaching English to Early Childhood Learner..

English, Phonics, Music, Visual Arts..

John Wing Ltd (English Art teacher) Kindergarten English Teacher in Delia English Primary School ..

Phonics, Art, Visual Art..

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Member Since 16/10/17


Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Maths, General Studies, Science..

I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Hong Kong, year 1. I have completed the HKDS..

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Sumit Sharma

Member Since 04/07/17

Secondary 6 student..

Mathematics, General science, Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology..

I have taught some children in the past for the subjects maths and science. I am a student myself so..

I am a student myself so i have fresh knowledge and skills which i can share with the students i tea..

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Hong Kong


Member Since 03/07/17

Degree in Engineering in the University of HK..

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chinese, Maths, Science..

Get degree in engineering in the university of hk. Get A in A.Maths and B for all science subjects ..

Get degree in engineering in the university of hk. Get A in A.Maths and B for all science subjects ..

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New Territories

Yuen Ching Yi

Member Since 19/05/17

secondary school..


I have worked as a full time tutor for 5 years +at tutorial centres teaching students from primary ..


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Residence Bel-air

Sharma Vishal

Member Since 14/07/16

Graduated from Secondary school..

Maths, Science, Mathematics..

Fresh graduate from secondary school. Able to teach primary and lower secondary maths and science...

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Whitty Street

Husnain Azam

Member Since 22/06/16

Undergraduate - Bachelor of Science Marketing and Psychology..

English, Maths, General Studies..

Be with you Program (July, 2014 - May, 2015) - Primary one to Primary 6 Cambridge English English ..

Organize tutoring environment to promote productivity and learning...

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All Areas


Member Since 06/02/16

Certificated with English Cambridge awards..


I have taught primary school students before. Awards in English language...

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Tsuen Wan

Mahboob Saira

Member Since 27/10/15

Studying Diploma..


During my career I have developed first class presentation and communication skills, I have adapted ..

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Hung Hom


Member Since 14/10/15

University of London..


I have tutored a 5-year-old girl in English...

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Kwai Tsing

Ravreet Kaur (ruby)

Member Since 24/07/15

HKDSE (level 5 in English, LS, economics and business and level 4 in M..

Mathematics, English, Maths, General Studies, Business, Economics, Fin..

I have tutored form 1-2 students in Maths when I was in form 4. I also taught my classmates especial..

I have the motto of practice makes perfect. I usually like giving lots of exercises and practices so..

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New Territories

Collin Chen

Member Since 01/12/14

I have done Bachelor in Computer Science..

Physics, Mathematics, General science, English, Maths, Chinese, Genera..

I had conducted training in technical institute. Presently, I am tutoring 2 students, for s1- Truel..

I will firstly communicate with the student and parent and make thoroughly assessment on the student..

One to One tuition at my place

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Causeway Bay

Hazel Lam

Member Since 22/04/14

Form 6 School Certificate..

Maths, English..

I am a fresher in the teaching field, but I believe that this tutoring job would be suitable for me ..

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New Territories

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