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Asha Kripalani

Member Since 05/09/17

Experienced NET..

Maths, English, Science, Phonics, Craft, Drawing..

Over six years of work experience as a native English teacher at an international kindergarten...

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Tseung Kwan O

Cleo Chung

Member Since 14/08/17

registered architect..

Maths, English, Chinese, Science, Craft, Cooking, Pottery, Graphic Des..

Over 5 years of experience in teaching english and interview preparation sessions...

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Hang Hau


Member Since 02/08/17

IB Graduate and Undergraduate at Savannah College of Art & Design (HK)..

Maths, English, Visual Arts, Business, Mathematics, English literature..

Over 1 year experience at tutor centers including i-Education, Ace Tutoring and Explorer Island. 8 m..

I find it most useful to identify the student's interests and use it to create an enjoyable learning..

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Tseung Kwan O Station


Member Since 17/08/16

Hkust bba graduate..

English, Ballet Dancing, Cooking, Drama, Opera..

I had playgroup experience before to teach kids aged 3-6year old My playgroup 's size is around 5-6..


Group tuition at my place

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Po Lam


Member Since 05/06/16

Experienced teacher in Cantonese..

Chinese, Chinese-Cantonese, Physical Education..

I am a qualified kindergarten teacher in an International Kindergarten. I am fluent in speaking Eng..

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Hang Hau

Krissie Lee

Member Since 18/05/16

IB Graduate, Bachelor of Education (prospective)..

Maths, English, Chinese, Phonics, General Studies, Craft, Photography..

Multiple babysitting and tutoring jobs in the past, as well as working as an assistant teacher for m..

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Tseung Kwan O Village


Member Since 03/11/15

BA Hons Steiner Waldorf Education..

English, Phonics, Geography, Biology, Craft, Cooking, Drawing..

I have over eight years experience tutoring children in kindergarten, primary school and young teena..

I have many resources and can tailor my lessons to a students requirements. I will also asses studen..

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Lohas Park

Bertin Lise

Member Since 07/10/15

I have done my Master degree in English with exchange in Canada, frenc..

English, French, Physical Education..

I tutored a bit in french and maths during college, the child was 6 years old and I taught him for a..

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Hang Hau

Robert Brownell

Member Since 23/06/15

Art Director/Personal Trainer..

English, Graphic Design, Physical Education..

I do not have any tutoring experience as of now. This is the first time I am doing it. I am a Native..

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New Territories

Prashant Magar

Member Since 05/06/15


Maths, English, Science, Phonics, Hip Hop Dancing, Craft, Painting, Dr..

I can teach kids drawing, painting, craft, clay modelling, dancing etc. I like to teach in fun and c..

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Tseung Kwan O


Member Since 11/05/15

Tertiary: Bachelor of Music, Australian Institute of Music High Schoo..

English, Singing, Hip Hop Dancing, Craft..

- NET Drama Teacher - Private Singing Lessons..

Conversational & Playful Approach...

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Tseung Kwan O

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