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Kristine Joy

Member Since 28/10/14

I am a fresh graduate from SMCC and awaiting for admission from overse..

Mathematics, General science, English, Maths, Visual Arts, Calligraphy..

I am a native English speaker with American accent since English is my mother language and I have st..

Willing to teach Science and Math (with English medium) or Mandarin (Taiwan accent NOT Beijing) For..

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Bisney Road

Miss Chung

Member Since 06/05/17

HKU Master in English..


HKU master in English, full-time private tutor Studied in the U.K. and Australia. I can conduct ..


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Residence Bel-air

Nyeongmin Lee

Member Since 17/02/17

HKU UG student , IB diploma , SAT MathII, Physics, Chemistry..

Physics, Mathematics, General science, Chemistry, Engineering, Korean,..

I taught High school Math, Science for 4 years, both one-to-one and group(2 students). I have studi..

Anyone who wants Math/Physics/Chem/English or Korean for everyday life-please contact me! I am very..

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Hong Kong Island

Jeong Yoon Kyung

Member Since 19/11/16

IGCSE Biology(A*) Chemistry(A*) Physics(A) English Literature(A), IB B..

English, Chemistry, Biology, Science [general], Economics, English lan..

I have experienced teaching both Chemistry (HL) and Biology (HL). I also have an experience of teach..

I can focus on the students need in each subject that has been listed above...

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Kennedy Town

Duan Shengnan

Member Since 04/06/16

I am a Undergraduate student..

Mathematics, English, Chinese, Maths, Chinese-Mandarin..

I have an experience of teaching Mandarin and maths for more than 2 years. The students are mainly c..

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Western Area


Member Since 21/04/16

Masters degree from University of Michigan in Financial Engineering (Q..

Maths, English, Mathematics..

- Strong background in Mathematics - Native English speaker. - Have taught kids of various ages i..

English: To approach the subject potentially like a native speaker and not translating from Chinese ..

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Charlotta Chan

Member Since 12/10/15

IB Bilingual Diploma, MYP Certificate, PYP Certificate..

Mathematics, English, Chinese, Maths, Visual Arts, Business, English l..

I have had experiencing teaching elementary students...

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Pok Fu Lam, Cuhk


Member Since 29/07/15

I have studied from University of Hong Kong BBA (Accounting and Financ..

English, Chinese, Chinese-Mandarin..

I have an experience in English tutoring Grade 11- from top 60% to top 1% Mandarin tutoring from ag..

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Member Since 01/07/15

B.A., M.A., TEFL..

Mathematics, English, Maths, Japanese..

I have 20 years of teaching experience. I have been teaching English and Maths to students from loca..

I believe in the role of a tutor as a facilitator, who instills a love for learning in the students...

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Pok Fu Lam

Fatima Qureshi

Member Since 02/02/15

IB Diploma; Currently a year 1 university student in HKU...

English, English language..

I am a Part-time Assistant Teacher (on a voluntary basis) for English in Man Kiu Association Primary..

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Member Since 11/09/14

I am a Year 3 medical student at HKU.I had studied in St.Swithun's Sch..


I have tutored students in German Swiss, Canadian International, West Island, South Island and Harbo..

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Victoria Road

Yefren Nye

Member Since 06/07/14

History student..

History, General science, German, English, English language..

I have experience in teaching and guiding small groups and communicating with young people in a lear..

Active speaking approach for good communication..

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Member Since 22/09/13

Singapore GCE A level, Singapore A level, IELT 7.5...

Mathematics, General science, Chemistry, Science, Additional Math, Sta..

I have been tutoring for more than 2 years. I mainly teach mathematics and Chinese...

I provide notes and exercises to students, so that they can understand clearly and I can find out wh..

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Hong Kong

Zhu Zhen

Member Since 28/08/13

HKU E&F Year 2 student..

English, TOEFL, Chinese-Mandarin..

Being a private tutor in mainland China for 3 month...

To help kids gain a fluent mandarin and give them an insight of Chinese culture..

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