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Tutors for School Years (7,8,9) in Kwai Chung

Tutors in Kwai Chung

Lewis Wang

Member Since 22/01/17

Current Full-time International School IGCSE, IB Physics Teacher..


I have 4 years of teaching in Junior Science and Physics. I possess of PGDE, fluent English and I ha..

context-based learning, personalised notes, online video for supplementary..

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Almudena Carretero Galeron

Member Since 25/10/16

I am a Spanish, French and a English teacher...

English, French, Spanish..

I have more than 7 years teaching Spanish, French, and English Language around the world...

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Kwai Hing


Member Since 16/10/17


Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Maths, General Studies, Science..

I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Hong Kong, year 1. I have completed the HKDS..

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Muhammad Arif

Member Since 17/07/17

BSc Double Maths & Physics..

Physics, Mathematics, Desktop Publishing, MS Office, Computer Basics..

I am teaching Mathematics and Physics since August 2014. I assure you that you will learn Mathematic..


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North Kwai Chung

Sumit Sharma

Member Since 04/07/17

Secondary 6 student..

Mathematics, General science, Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology..

I have taught some children in the past for the subjects maths and science. I am a student myself so..

I am a student myself so i have fresh knowledge and skills which i can share with the students i tea..

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Hong Kong


Member Since 03/07/17

Degree in Engineering in the University of HK..

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chinese, Maths, Science..

Get degree in engineering in the university of hk. Get A in A.Maths and B for all science subjects ..

Get degree in engineering in the university of hk. Get A in A.Maths and B for all science subjects ..

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New Territories

Yuen Ching Yi

Member Since 19/05/17

secondary school..


I have worked as a full time tutor for 5 years +at tutorial centres teaching students from primary ..


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Residence Bel-air

Husnain Azam

Member Since 22/06/16

Undergraduate - Bachelor of Science Marketing and Psychology..

English, Maths, General Studies..

Be with you Program (July, 2014 - May, 2015) - Primary one to Primary 6 Cambridge English English ..

Organize tutoring environment to promote productivity and learning...

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All Areas

Ravreet Kaur (ruby)

Member Since 24/07/15

HKDSE (level 5 in English, LS, economics and business and level 4 in M..

Mathematics, English, Maths, General Studies, Business, Economics, Fin..

I have tutored form 1-2 students in Maths when I was in form 4. I also taught my classmates especial..

I have the motto of practice makes perfect. I usually like giving lots of exercises and practices so..

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New Territories

Collin Chen

Member Since 01/12/14

I have done Bachelor in Computer Science..

Physics, Mathematics, General science, English, Maths, Chinese, Genera..

I had conducted training in technical institute. Presently, I am tutoring 2 students, for s1- Truel..

I will firstly communicate with the student and parent and make thoroughly assessment on the student..

One to One tuition at my place

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Causeway Bay

Aisling Mcdonnell

Member Since 07/10/12

BA in English and History (Joint Hons), 145 hour TEFL certificate..

History, English..

After graduating from university, I began work as a tutor in the Mallow Adult Learning Center. My wo..

My approach would be to first discover the target language that the client would wish to learn, and ..

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Kwai Hing

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