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Tutors for School Years (7,8,9) in Sheung Shui

Tutors in Sheung Shui

Sanjukta Ghosh

Member Since 05/07/13


Maths, English, Science, Physics, Mathematics..

I am an experienced Science researcher and academician with more than 2 years of teaching experience..

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Peter Liu

Member Since 08/06/12

BSc Biochemistry, University of Sussex, UK; PhD Biochemistry, Imperia..

Physics, General science, Chemistry, Biology, Science..

Taught English and Science for about two years at a private tutorial Centre in Hong Kong. I also wor..

My approach to teaching is to try and make the learning process as easy and fun as possible. The tut..

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Teaching In Central Possible

Laena Kostianos

Member Since 24/02/12

BA in Political Science, TESOL..

English, Humanities Social sciences, English literature, English langu..

Currently a Secondary school teacher, Worked in a tutoring center for a year and have tutored part t..

I prefer to mix in with my lessons something that is enjoyable for the students so that they don't e..

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New Territories

Kenny Chu

Member Since 08/09/16


Maths, English, Science, Phonics, General science, Chemistry, Biology..

Peer based teaching experience accrued during training and working as a doctor. Informal tutoring...

Forming good rapport with tutee. Predominantly informal teaching around syllabus...

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New Territories

Nagi Pannu

Member Since 27/09/15

Bachelor's degree in English, English Literature..

English, General Studies..

I have experience in tutoring to Primary students with English conversation skills...

It is firstly important to meet with the student to discuss possibilities and the areas that he or s..

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Member Since 10/08/13

*Bachelor's degree in Physics (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada) *..

Physics, General science..

* Full time qualified teacher in Hong Kong for over 3 years in a private secondary school. *Teachi..

Approach differs depending on student's ability with the particular subjects. For weaker students I ..

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Hong Kong


Member Since 26/07/13

HKU BSc major in Mathematics 2:1, IB HL Mathematics grade 7 out of 7...

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Additional Math, Statistics..

I have strong familiarity with the courses listed above and can offer guidance on what is required f..

I have a patient and responsible style of teaching with experience teaching students from various ba..

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Sha Tin

Griffith Cheng

Member Since 17/05/13

IB, Debate, Public Speaking, MUN,..


I have taken English A1 HL in the IB with a high 6. I am well-versed in tutoring for writing and com..

My teaching strategy is relevant to a bottom-up approach for building up fundamental proficiency. Ta..

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Ma Liu Shui

Lo Lai Ting

Member Since 17/05/13


Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Science..

I am tutoring for science subjects with more than 1 year experience. Students come from local famous..

Both revision and teaching during lesson with printed notes and exercise. Students can contact me th..

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Ma Liu Shui


Member Since 15/05/13

Graduated from Diocesan Girls School, 2nd batch of DSE Student...

Mathematics, English, Biology, SAT, TOEFL, Flute, Violin..

Private tutoring for over 3 years. * Offers notes and exercises. * Answers students' questions thr..

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Siu Lek Yuen

Wouter Van Marle

Member Since 05/04/13

University degree..

Physics, Mathematics, General science, Chemistry, Science, Engineering..

Tutor with part-time experience over the past few years, graduate in chemical technology, a subject ..

On one-to-one basis identify which part of the material the student does and does not fully comprehe..

One to One tuition at my place

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Fo Tan

David Ruffell

Member Since 21/03/13

English Degree and cert TESOL..

German, English, Customer Service..

9 years experience in teaching in the UK and Hong Kong. Teaching,phonics, Cambridge YLE,Ket, PET, F..

Friendly with a sense of humour. A good-listener and patient...

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Sheung Shui


Member Since 29/08/12

Bachelor of Education (English language)..

English, Chinese-Mandarin..

I am now a tertiary student who majors in Education specific in English language and minor in Mandar..

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