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Tuition Centers for MYOB Training Course – Tseung Kwan O

Tuition Centers in Tseung Kwan O


Member Since 11/01/17

Language Classes

Tseung Kwan O/Tseung Kwan O

Conversational Phonics Playgroup Writing

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Creative Coding Hk

Member Since 31/05/16

Primary School, Computer / IT

Tseung Kwan O/Hang Hau

6-8 years old - Scratch, visual programming 9-11 - learn to make website, games, apps through p

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Line Tutors

Member Since 03/01/15

Nursery/Kindergarten, Primary School, Music & Dance

Tseung Kwan O/Tseung Kwan O

Various courses including kindergarten, playgroup, etc.

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I Education Centre

Member Since 21/08/13

Primary School

Tseung Kwan O/Po Lam Station


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