What Makes A Great Music Tutor And How To Become One

Oct 14, 2020

If you are struggling with anxiety and fail to impress students with the music lesson you would be relaxed to know you are not alone, teaching is straight-up hard especially when it comes to imparting knowledge of extracurricular activities like music, drawing etc. Over the years, music tutors learned how to tackle their students; the struggle becomes worse when you have to deal with students who have been forced to attend the classes by their parents. Learning music requires patience and courage; you can work out with the prior if the later comes from within.

In this article we will discuss some of the common problems faced by music tutors of all ages, then will sum up with some of the must-have qualities of the tutors which will help them overcome such problems.

Common Problems Encountered By Music Tutors

1. Lack of Attention of Students

If you are a music tutor, you can relate to that without much discussing. However, if you are new, you must know you will come across some students who won’t provide the necessary attention it requires to learn a new form of music. You can’t change their approach or perhaps you can! The main challenge is that one or two students in the entire class make other students distractive, so no matter how hard you will try no one can guarantee your number of lucky days.

2. Lack of Practice

When it comes to homework, students love to avoid especially for music lessons, however, find you will, of course, find many serious students, but some will come and sit in the front row without practising the lessons. Some times its very frustrating but you have to deal with them carefully, teach them how they can set themselves free for that hour with music. Make them understand more than learning music is a form of self-expression, tell them it is important to express oneself if they understand the true potential of music on their physical and mental health they will be encouraged to practice with more attention.

3. Distracted Nature of the Students

No matter how hard you try, there will always be some students who are always distracted; you can be nice to them, try to start a conversation through you can explain why learning music is important. A friendly conversation is way powerful than punishment.

4. Every Parent Think Their Child Is The Best

Needless to mention, for every parent, their child is the best, the problem is to deal with the attitude. They will ask you why their child cannot make progress as if it is your fault alone; instead of arguing, you can make them understand that not all students are the same. Some are really quick at learning and grasping new things while some require some extra attention to bring their best. While learning music, some might show lack of interest you can push them for a certain time, but then you have to let them go, the idea is to encourage the student not force. You need to make them love music, instead of feeling some kind of burden just like other academic subjects.

5. Interrupted Online Connection

In this covid time, most schools and colleges have started their online classes as going to school regularly is still not the safest option. Students are learning music, art and other extracurricular activities online for that you must have a strong internet connection. Sometimes music tutors face poor network issues from either side, which interrupt the whole class badly. Students with poor internet connection miss out important lessons, and as a teacher, you can practically do nothing about it.

6. Parents Expectation

As a teacher you know better how a parent-teacher meeting looks like, you can either complain to them about your child or listen to the same from them; you have to choose on which side you wish to be. You must make them understand every child has something special; there is nothing in being slow as long as they feel the courage to learn something new.

Must-Have Qualities of a Good Music Tutor

Teachers are expected to be empathetic, but a full-time teacher only understands the struggle behind the smiling face. It takes a lot to give attention to individual students in a class and to find out which student requires special care. But eventually, teachers understand after a couple of classes. If you are teaching online, you might get along with individual students, but at the same, you have to maintain most of the below-mentioned qualities to arouse interest in learning music.

1. Provide a Creative Explanation

Students are very curious in nature, especially while learning different forms of music, whenever they ask anything to you try to give a creative reply that they would struggle to find somewhere else. Tell them how practising music builds problem-solving abilities within them, how they can be mentally relaxed by practising their favourite forms of music, or by playing the piano, guitar etc. Try to arouse interest for music within them.

2. Communicate

Ask what they like and don’t like about your classes, you might find them naïve sometimes, but their uncut feedback will help you plan your next lessons for them. Try to become a friend of them instead of an instructor, blend your lessons in a way that they enjoy learning from you. The more you will talk to them about learning issues, the earlier it will become for them to catch up and feel interested.

3. Problem Spotting and Solving

Design your lessons carefully, listen to your students while they play an instrument or sing a song. Make them understand their problems, also provide them with solutions to overcome such problems with ease.

4. Make Lessons Fun

Learning music is hard work, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and it is not an overnight job for students. A talented teacher must know how to make their music lessons fun with hard work. The more students will enjoy your lessons, the more motivated they will be, which is precisely you should expect from a student. However, the fun can come from different ways like you can maintain a positive approach or ask students about their music experience or in their family who like music etc. You can share your stories like how did you learn your favourite piece of music; tell stories from your music classes, the experience of playing duets with your teacher, your early days as a music tutor etc. Let them enjoy your lessons as much as they can.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude

It goes without saying a teacher’s attitude has a huge influence on how students feel about learning music. A teacher with a positive attitude can make students interested in learning music. As a music tutor, you must be positive and encouraging, which would give reasons to your students to learn from you.

6. Plan Assignments

Plan exciting assignments for your students, give them a surprise, don’t let them predict your lessons, prepare a surprise test for them or don’t teach them anything about music in one class. Structure your music lessons, and set short-term goals for your students, during the practice session talk about their assignments, talk about different methods through which the students can easily learn their music lessons. Keep everything organized so that you can track the progress of each of your students.

7. Show Your Love For Music

Kids try to imitate their teachers a lot; this is why a disciplined teacher is recommended to impart lessons to the junior students. But if you are dealing with high school, try to become friendly with them instead of punishing or screaming. As a music tutor, you must let your students express their love for music, but before that show them some ways through which they can actually love it.

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Common problems faced by music tutors and how to solve them. Are you looking to become a music tutor? Discover the easiest way to activate your profile as a music teacher.

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