Teach Online Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese Following Some Easy Steps

May 29, 2020

Are you proficient in Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese, looking to teach students? Find the best online teaching jobs with our online tutoring platform. We will guide you in creating your tutor profile with us, after which getting proper students won’t be difficult anymore.

Mandarin is one of the widely spoken languages in the world; every year, millions of people want to learn these for a better prospect. Some of them are language enthusiasts, some are pursuing higher studies in Cantonese or Mandarin, and some are business professionals looking to learn the language for their upcoming business trip.

Before we get further into the process of becoming a Chinese tutor, let’s check the prospect and advantages of an online tutor.

What are the requirements of a Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese Tutor?

The first criteria to become an online Chinese Mandarin tutor and/or Cantonese tutor are to have a strong command of the language and the passion for teaching it to the students. Moreover, if you have experience in teaching the Chinese language, it can attract more students to your profile.

Qualification –

If you want to become an online Chinese tutor, you must have proper qualifications in the language. A diploma degree might not require, but a simple graduation degree can be enough to teach basic Chinese Mandarin and/or Cantonese to teach the students. You need to have a basic idea about Chinese history and culture in order to teach students about it.

Experience –

As a Chinese tutor, you just need to have teaching experience as students and parents always look for an experienced teacher. If you open your online account as a Chinese Mandarin tutor, don’t forget to showcase your teaching experience badge. It will provide a better idea to the students about your teaching abilities. Besides, you can get students from all over the world as Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese is one of the widely spoken languages.

Advantages of Online Chinese Tutor

If you choose to become an online Chinese tutor with us, you will get a hand full of advantages which includes:


If you teach Chinese Cantonese and/or Mandarin online, you don’t have to travel miles to your student’s house. It will only save both your time and money while you can focus better on your teaching.


Online tutoring is one of the flexible career options in today’s time. Due to the recent pandemic, now students and parents both prefer online learning over traditional teaching methods. You can work anytime you want, whether regularly or on weekends. Other job holding personnel and homemakers can be extra beneficial as an online Chinese Mandarin tutor as they can teach according to their available time.

Enhanced Experience:

Online teaching experience is as effective as traditional teaching. If you teach online, you can enhance your experience as a Chinese Mandarin tutor. In the future, if you choose to become a Chinese Mandarin tutor, you can showcase your online teaching experience to enhance your credential.

Better Teaching Options

If you establish your career as an online Chinese Cantonese tutor, you can explore better teaching methods which would not be possible otherwise. Online teachers can use audiovisual methods to teach their students; it will help them to explore more teaching options. The teachers can learn how to teach with the help of smart boards and other audiovisual means.

Better Care:

In a classroom setting, within a particular time frame for a teacher, it is not possible to take care of each and every student together. Whereas, in online teaching, the tutor can easily provide special attention to every student. Each student is different from one another; some can easily grab things while some require more time to bring their best. One of the must-have qualities in a tutor is to be patient.

Job Satisfaction:

Online teaching is one of the buzzwords of this era; this is among the coolest career option. Due to the pandemic, the entire education process is planning to shift online throughout the world because it is one of the safe options both for teachers and students. Every school, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions have already opened their online channel for uninterrupted education. Under those circumstances, if you choose to become an online Chinese Mandarin tutor, you will be greatly satisfied.

Good Incentive:

With online teaching, you can earn good incentives without stepping out of your home. Within home comfort, you can perform your task and earn equivalent to a regular teacher. The amount will simply depend on how much time you will provide in this; the full-time online tutors get higher pay than those who opt for part-time tuition jobs.

How to become an Online Chinese Tutor?

If you want to become an online Chinese Cantonese tutor sign up with us and easily create your tutoring profile. It will take a couple of minutes, and you will get students right away. We only allow verified tutors to our students so, keep your credentials ready while beginning the process.

You can decide your own fees which will be displayed in your profile so that the students will get a full idea about your tutoring profile. You can also showcase your experience badge (if any) to your profile to attract more students. You have to mention your area of expertise, students’ standard you will be comfortable with, mode of teaching, etc.

How can we help?

You can create your online tutoring profile as a Chinese Mandarin tutor and/or Cantonese tutor with us. We are one of the pioneers of online teaching education; we have more than 10,000 online teachers registered with us with countless students. If you create a tutoring profile with us within 24 hours of verification, we will connect you to the students who are looking for your help.

If you are looking to learn Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Cantonese, request a tutor with us. Our Chinese tutors are specially trained to provide language training to students from various cultures and backgrounds. Whether you are a college student looking to complete your assignment or professional require language training before a business trip, we are the one-stop solution for all your learning requirements.

So, Sign up with us now!


If you want to become a Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Cantonese tutor create online tutoring with us and get multiple students right away. The process is much easier than you think. Also, discover various benefits of an online Chinese Mandarin tutor.


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