Role of Playing The Piano In Early Childhood Socialization

Nov 25, 2020

Do you want your child to grow smarter? There is a lot of parents believe studying a musical instrument provides children with an advantage in the holistic development that includes intellectual, perpetual and cognitive skills. If you let your child learn playing the piano or any other musical instrument as part of their academics they will get a better childhood backed by knowledge and productivity which has long term benefits.

Musical training can have a profound impact on your child’s brain powered by creating additional neural connections that can last for a lifetime. Playing the piano requires a strict hand and eye synchronization which contributes to boosting the brain which shows up later in life. According to studies it has found that almost every professional musician started playing at a very young age.

“The brain constitutes only about 2% of the human body, yet it is responsible for all the body’s function” – National Geographic: Brain 101

What is the meaning of musical socialization?

Music plays an important role as an agent of socialization, different phases of learning music has its own impact on personality and perception. Through learning different forms of music or how to play musical instruments we know different things about the world, we also understand our inner potential. So, if you let your child learn how to play one or multiple musical instruments they will grow better, sitting in a class together with other students learning the same thing help them socialize better. They will discover their artistic potential, which is why many schools have music classes as a part of their regular curriculum.

If you think your child has an issue with socializing, instead of being anxious you can simply hire a music tutor or enrol him/her to a piano class where they can learn from professionals. It is very important to let them grow their interest in artistic activities, playing the piano, guitar or other musical instruments can certainly boost that quality.

What are the benefits of playing the piano?

Playing the piano or other musical instruments has endless benefits not only among children but also among adults and elder persons. Some of them are:

1. Musical Training Grows Your Brain

If possible you can map your brain during the listing or playing the piano you can understand how your brain would react. According to a study by Harvard Neurologist Gottfried Schlaug, it has been revealed that the brains of adult professional musicians had a larger volume of grey matter than the brains of nonmusicians. The study also shows that there is a structural change in the brain after getting 15 months of musical training in early childhood, which is associated with auditory and motor improvement. The very study also revealed the connection of the brain’s plasticity to playing musical instruments and the potential of musical training to enhance and build connections with the brain. So if you think attending music classes would affect your child’s academics, it’s time to rethink. There is no doubt musical training would affect but in a positive way.

2. Sharpens concentration

Playing the piano requires a lot of attention, not only you have to focus on the rhythm, pitch, and tempo but also on your focus. Besides, if you do something that you enjoy it would help to achieve multi-level concentration. If your child is a music enthusiast you must let them play various musical instruments at an early age.

3. Teaches discipline

Playing the piano can be quite challenging, it requires practice and concentration to achieve perfection. Hard work will teach you perseverance which you can apply to your real-life problems as well. If you practice some part of your song over and over again you understand the importance of discipline. In the beginning, it might be hard for you, but gradually as you practice you would be able to play more proficiently.

4. Release stress

Playing the piano would make you feel relaxed, you would understand how to spend time with yourself to deal with regular stress. It is a great activity in reducing cortisol levels which are known as the stress hormone. You don’t have to be a professional performer to play the piano, playing the instrument for one hour on a regular basis would be enough to release your stress.

5. Improves time management skills

Today many children have busy schedule within which they have to manage a lot of activities, so it is very important to learn time management to get all your activities and duties done. When you practice the piano you will learn how to use your time efficiently, so that you can learn different piano lessons within 30 minute time.

6. Improves emotional intelligence

Playing the piano or other musical instrument improves your listing skills which are very important when you interact with other people. Studies have proved that people who play musical instruments are better listeners and can express their facial expression better than other people.

7. Increase memory capacity

Playing the piano stimulates the brain in more ways than one it especially nurture those areas of the brain that is responsible for storing audio information. So if you want your child to improve in academics try providing piano lessons from professional piano instructors.

8. Teach how to handle constructive criticism

When your child attends professional piano class together with other students they will receive a lot of positive comments as well as criticism for better. Sometimes students feel kind of depressed after getting criticism, but they need to understand how to react and handle such things for their own good.

How to get started with your piano lesson in Hong Kong?

It’s easier than you think! Days are gone when our parents used to ask the neighbours and relatives for a good tutor. Now you can take help from Google to find a decent online education platform who will help your child learning the basics of the piano. in this pandemic, most of the parents prefer online piano classes but if you think your child is ready for face to face piano lessons you can search with the keyword “the best piano class near me”. Check the first few results, compare and get started!

How long does it take to get good at piano?

If you already know how to play the piano along with songs it would take about 4 months to get good at playing the piano by the ear. If you are a complete beginner and have never played the instrument it would take around 6 months because you have to learn some of the skills first. You will find different online piano courses for beginners among which you can choose the one suit you let an online education platform to deal with your requirement.

If you really want to learn the piano you have to practice it at least 10 minutes a day for 5 to 6 days a week. You also need to practice systematic exercises and drills. Next, you need to understand your weaknesses and how to deal with those, the earlier you detect the faster you gonna solve them on your own. For your betterment you can on the stopwatch, you can also connect with your piano tutor online to get feedback on your practice sessions.

Where to find qualified piano instructors?

Are you looking for the best piano lessons in Hong Kong? Great sign up with us and post your learning requirement, our team will evaluate those and connect the best instructor for your child. We have thousands of qualified piano tutor among which we will find the best suitable for you.

You can view and compare piano tutors on our platform, you can not only check their qualification and experience but also their fees and mode of teaching (online/ offline/ both). We have the best piano tutors in Hong Kong who has proper certification on teaching. MyPrivateTutor is o the pioneers in online education platform in Hong Kong with more than twelve years of experience in dealing with different students and instructors. We only allow experienced tutors to help our students.

How to become a piano tutor in Hong Kong?

Do you want to become a piano tutor and start providing your piano lessons? Great you have come to the right place, sign-up with us to start your tutoring profile. Upload certain credentials like your qualification as a piano tutor, experience etc. You can decide your own fees we won’t interfere with that, that amount would be displayed on your profile for the better understanding of parents and students. After uploading your credentials it would not take more than 48 hours to get your profile activated. We will provide various leads over the year. So if you think of starting your career as a piano tutor, sign up with us now!

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