Reasons To Learn Chinese Cantonese With Online Tutors

Aug 06, 2020

Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin are virtually the same characters only the sounds are different. So, if you know how to speak any of them, your purpose might get solved. Chinese Cantonese has originated from the city of Guangzhou that is also known as Canton that is surrounding the area of Southeastern China. Cantonese is a vital and inseparable part of the native people lives in Southeastern China, Macau, including some overseas communities.

Chinese Cantonese has always seen as a counterpart of Mandarin, but it has its own beauty, it is a bit different in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and the placement of verbs. Another significant difference between both the languages are the way spoken words are written; only a few Cantonese speakers have entire knowledge on the full Cantonese beyond the spoken and written forms. Cantonese and Mandarin text might look similar, but there is a lot of differences when it comes to pronouncing. Cantonese is the second most spoken Chinese language, spoken by over 80 million people.

Geographic Distribution of Chinese Cantonese Language

The Cantonese is native to the city of Canton, which is the other name of Guangzhou. People in Hong Kong, Macau and other Chinese communities refer to Cantonese as "Guangdong speech" or "Canton Province Speech". In the following geographical areas, people communicate with each other in Cantonese.

  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Mainland China
  • Southeast Asia
  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Australia

Why Should You Learn Cantonese?

Whenever you learn a new language, you are coming close towards various prospects; here our experts have highlighted seven major reasons for which you must give Cantonese a try:

1: Tourism –

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, Macau or any other parts of Southeast Asia, you must learn Cantonese to communicate with the local like a native. It would improve your self-confidence while travelling various parts of the destination so that you can go around with ease. Catching a cab, order food or shopping, you can do everything with utmost comfort.

2: Finance –

If you are planning to invest in the location mentioned above, whether for business or only to invest, you must have an idea of Cantonese. In general, investment involves a lot of risks, but if the local people see you speaking their native language, it will help you to connect with you more.

3: Business –

If you are a business person, looking to expand your business in Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia or any other part where predominantly people speak Cantonese, you must learn the language to understand everything clearly. Instead of hiring a translator, you can spend the same amount on learning Chinese Cantonese online. There are various online tutoring platforms that provide online Chine Cantonese instructor to people you just need to find the correct one for you.

4: Make Friends –

More than 80 million in the world speak in Cantonese, so if you learn how to speak Cantonese, you can make new friends who would help you grow in various aspects of your life. You will be more open-minded and empathetic towards people who speak other languages; you can also express yourself differently. Chinese Cantonese will make you much more polite, which will change your personality for sure.

5: Listen To Cantopop Songs –

If you understand Chinese Cantonese, you can easily enjoy canto pop songs which will enlighten your mood.

6: Explore Culture –

China has a rich heritage, and if you are interested to know more beyond your own culture, you must know how to speak Cantonese. It will help you understand the emotions of the natives.

7: Delay Mental Effects of Aging –

According to various scientist researches, it has been discovered learning another language helps to sharpen your brain, which will help you keep active always. It also enables you to nurture your grey matter and delays dementia.

So, now you have more reasons than one to learn Chinese Cantonese with online instructors, let's discover how you can get started.

How To Learn Chinese Cantonese Through Online Instructors?

Today the entire education system id shifting online no matter what board, subject or standard it is, both teachers and parents prefer online learning than face to face teaching. Not only because it is safe but also because it's convenient as well.

All you need is a strong internet connection and a smart device which would connect you with your Online Chinese Cantonese tutor. If you think learning Cantonese is tough, then let us tell you it is one of the easiest languages to learn. As a leading online tutoring platform, we have asked so many of our students about their personal experience with our instructors, one thing we common among all is the language is very interesting, and they are happy that they have made the decision.

With online classes, you can learn Chinese Cantonese from your home comfort, without stepping out of your home. Its contactless and there the safest options available in today's time. Whether you require a tutor to solve your school project or to learn the language from scratch, you can find the best suitable online Chinese Cantonese tutor for you. You might have your own reason for learning Chinese Cantonese; learning a new language will make you smarter and helps you in decision making.

Where To Look For Online Chinese Cantonese Tutor?

You can sign up with us to post your learning requirement, evaluating which our team will connect with the best suitable online Chinese Cantonese tutor. Also if you are looking for a face to face tutor for Cantonese or any other language and/or subject let us know. We are one of the pioneers in online teaching; we are committed to bridge the gap between students and instructors. Every day we provide suitable instructors to more than a hundred students from various parts of the country. We would be happy to add you to our family.

We only provide the verified and experienced Chinese tutors to help our students; all the profiles are 100% genuine. If you don't like the teaching method of the instructor, you can anytime replace with a similar profile. If you are looking get students to teach Chinese Cantonese online, sign up with us and create your tutoring profile, don't forget to upload your credentials like qualification and experience certificate since that will make you stand out among others. Also, mention your fees which will be showcased on your profile for students' convenience. Mention some other details like which standard you will be comfortable teaching and anything specific that students need to about you.

So, what are you waiting for? Post your learning requirement with us today!


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