Proven Facts Of Playing Piano and Violin By Scientists: Surprising Facts Inside

Apr 18, 2020

Everyone loves to listen to music, especially the calming tone of the piano or the beautiful music of the violin. But how about playing them? Have you ever thought of learning how to play the piano or violin? If yes, then check our range of qualified piano tutor and violin teacher, where you will easily be connected with the best online tutors and start your music lessons right away.

No matter your age, you can start learning this musical instrument at any point of your life; you just need to feel the zeal, the mental and physical benefits apply to people of all ages. If you doubt the benefits of playing the violin or piano, read this article till the end to discover the surprising benefits of playing these musical instruments.

.Here are the 15 benefits of playing piano and violin (proved by scientific research)

1. Enhance Hearing Ability

Playing piano and violin enhances the auditory process signals, which slow down as we age. However, studies show those who continued to play violin, piano, or other musical instruments throughout their lives have helped in reversing declining the brain processing along with memory and inner earring loss, especially in children.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Playing musical instruments like piano and violin will help in reducing stress. Regular jobholders who struggle to get time for relaxation and entertainment can get help from learning piano, violin, or other musical instruments. Musical therapy has an immense healing power; it will calm your mind from regular stress. For children, piano and violin tunes may reduce their examination pressure; similarly, in teens, it will help in minimizing regular peer pressure.

3. Treat Memory Loss

Those who severely suffer from memory loss can be beneficial from playing musical instruments like piano, violin, etc. You can check online violin tutor to start your lesson at any point in your life. If your child suffers from memory loss or any other mental disorder, learning piano or violin can help them in strengthening their cognitive ability

4. Strengthen Math & Counting Skills

Various studies show regular practicing piano, violin, and other musical instruments improve counting and maths skills in children. According to multiple doctors, the ideal age to learn music for children is between 4 to 13 when most of the brain's developmental functions took place in the body. However, adults can also take that advantage by learning piano, violin, and other musical instruments as it has manifold benefits.

5. Enhance Reading Ability

Regular music learning will enhance the reading ability in general people as it allows the brain to develop gradually. It especially works for children and young adults as they are still in their growing phase. Parents can observe gradual changes in their children regarding their reading habits as it will improve accordingly.

6. Better Time Management

In order to play the piano, violin, or any other musical instrument, perfect ear hand coordination is required, which has a strong connection with better time management. Whether it is in a regular job scenario or school curriculum, boredom can make people worse. Music is a great way to deal with that. Music therapy will help you from within, which will help you better deal with your regular activity, whether in-home, office, or school.

7. Better Concentration and Discipline

For students who lack attentiveness can get real help from learning violin, piano, and other musical instruments as it improves their normal level of concentration. It can also make your child more disciplined by letting them play the piano and/or violin. If someone knows how to play a couple of musical instruments, they can think better in many ways.

8. Improve Hand-eye Coordination and Hand Muscles

As we mentioned before, playing the piano, violin, and other musical instruments requires strict coordination of ear and hand; it will boost the overall coordination of the nerves. In turn, it will also improve your overall body posture and mental ability.

9. Enhance Rhythm and Coordination

Practice makes one perfect; it is especially true for children, so if you let your child play the violin or piano naturally, he/she will improve the rhythm accordingly.

10. Boost Confidence

Playing the violin or piano will provide a sense of possession to the player; thereby, it will help them in improving their self-esteem. Studies show those who play the violin, piano, guitar, and other musical instruments will undoubtedly boost their confidence and can control every situation better than those who don't play any musical instrument. That is why it is better to allow your child to learn how to play these instruments as it will help them grow their overall personality.

11. Enrich Personal Knowledge About Culture

Playing every musical instrument allows you to discover a lot about different cultures; this way, you can enrich your personal knowledge about various cultures in the world. It is great for personality development, as well. It will help children to set up their mindset from such a young age.

12. Trigger Tactile Learning

In 2013, a research institute from Barcelona had conducted a study on the effects of the kinaesthetic learning environment and their connection with leisure activities. This reveals that participants who practiced the piano, involved in different kinds of sports, painting, or other art-related activities showed improved psychological and neurological activities on the scale used by the experts of the team.

13. Enhance Brain Growth and Emotional Ability

If you want your child to become emotionally strong and stable, you must let them play the piano, violin, guitar, and other musical instruments. The earlier, the better, but you can start learning such musical instruments at any age from a range of online violin tutor or piano moderators as it has manifold benefits.

14. Source of Entertainment

For many playing musical instruments like piano, violin, etc. is a great source of entertainment. So if you bored with your regular life activity, especially due to its repetitive nature, you can take a break and start learning how to play the piano or violin. It will generate many positive wives that one needs to maintain a perfect balance in their life.

15. Alternate Career Option

If you know how to play the piano, violin, sitar, guitar, or any other musical instrument, you can become a tutor in that particular field. For many, it is a great career option as you will get a good package as a piano or violin tutor.

How To Become A Successful Piano and/or Violin Tutor Easily?

If you want to become a piano tutor or a violin tutor, you must possess a considerable degree in that particular field. You must build your credentials; otherwise, it will be difficult to convince people about your credibility. Once getting the certificates, you can apply to various institutions as a teacher. Nowadays, there is a various online tutoring platform that is looking for an online violin tutor and piano tutor to teach students online; it is not only time saving but also very engaging. You can also make a lot of money out of that. Your online students need to possess the particular instrument they want to learn, and you can record your teaching video to impart specific knowledge on that.

Must-Have Qualities Of A Music Teacher

Before finalizing a music teacher for your child or for yourself, you must check the following qualities. Remember, success depends on both of their personality separately.

  • Knowledgeable – The teacher must be knowledgeable enough to quench your thrust about the particular musical instrument. Before hiring, check his/her credentials thoroughly. A friendly chat can say a lot about the personality and knowledge of your music teacher.
  • Compassionate – The music tutor must be friendly and caring in nature; otherwise, it will be difficult to learn from him/her.
  • Flexible – different student requires different time to learn a particular note, so the music tutor must be flexible regarding teaching the lessons. Also, if required, the teacher should change the method of teaching to ensure better success on time.
  • Experienced – before zeroed down to a music teacher for your child, check his/her experience in teaching the particular musical instrument. It is believed that experience can enrich a person's knowledge on the concerned field, though you can choose a fresher if the person seems promising to you.
  • Fees – last but not least, you must check the fees of the teacher and whether you can afford it. If you are a new learner, there is no point in pressuring your budget, but if you are a pro, you can go for teachers who are comfortable teaching advanced level music. You can also check online tutoring platforms from where it's easier to select and compare violin tutor, piano tutor, and other music tutors from your locality.

Where Can You Find The Best Online Piano Tutor And Violin Moderator?

If you are looking for the best online piano tutor or violin tutor for your child or for yourself, you must check our platform where getting a tutor for a particular subject is pretty easy, much easier than you think. You just need to Sign – up with us mentioning your particular teaching requirement, within less than a couple of hours you will be connected with the best tutor from your locality. You can also request a demo class from your favorite teacher. If you are thinking about the payment option, it is easier and safer. After getting the particular lesson within your time frame, if you are satisfied, you can hit the 'Release Payment' option. Isn't it great?


If you are looking for the best piano tutor or a great violin tutor near you, this blog is a must-read for you. Also, if you doubt the benefits of playing piano and/or violin, discover surprising scientific facts in the article.


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