Prepare For IELTS Exam From Home: Tips For Improving Your Score

Nov 30, 2020

Are you preparing to demonstrate your English language skills through IELTS examination? Great you have come to the right place, this article provides an overview of how you can prepare for this exam from home without spending a hefty amount on the professional coaching centre. You can also some preparation course but before make sure you are familiarized with the exam pattern as well as the topics. There is no best method than practice, as a leading online education platform in Hong Kong we have helped millions of students to scale up their IELTS preparation so that they crack the examination at the first try. Scroll down to discover, to discover more.

5 Tips to Improve Your IELTS Score

This testing system grades your English language skills based on some of the key aspects like speaking, writing, reading and listening. In most cases, preparation means many hours of reading, writing and understanding. But could utilise your time more efficiently while studying for IELTS.

The following 5 tips can help you prepare and scale-up your IELTS score.

1. Study Vocabulary

As an English learner, you must know how to put words into the proper context like a pro. However, you can learn to do this, the more words you are exposed the better it would be for your vocabulary. For that, you have to read more and while reading it is crucial to pay extra attention to those words you don’t know. You can underline them and try to look for their meaning and figure out in which context they would fit better. You can take help from the dictionary or Google can help you out as well. After learning a new word try to use it as much as possible so that you won’t forget it.

Using new words help you learn and speak the language more fluently, according to researches you need to repeat a new word for about 10 to 20 times to make it a part of your speech.


  • Learn particular expressions connected with every word and how to put them in a different academic context.
  • Try to learn phrases as many as possible, sometimes they are more appropriate than just words.
  • Don’t opt for learning too much highly specialized words.
  • Remember useful expression connected with every word or phrases.
  • Practice using new words in speaking and writing.
  • Read newspapers, magazines, blogs to learn new words.

2. Read and Read More

Remember the IELTS examination is all about checking your credibility in English, the more new words you would learn the easier it would be to analyse the questions. Instead of translating back to your mother tongue if you know various similar words you can use them efficiently in your conversation.


  • Read a full paragraph quickly and try understanding the general sense of the text.
  • Make sure you understand the question clearly.
  • Don’t forget to check all the instructions.
  • Check for the key vocabulary to understand the paragraph more efficiently.
  • Try reading English newspaper on a regular basis.

3. Improve Writing Skills

If you wish to become proficient in English make sure you have a great writing skill. You must express your feeling clearly in words through definition or utilising a file card. You need to improve your sound-related memory, for example, the word “immense” that implies tremendous, it also has a synonymous connection with the words like enormous, expansive etc. You can attain online IELTS classes for free to take up some test to evaluate your progress.


  • Work on your writing speed
  • Try not to answer below the minimum range
  • Remember the “Task 2” has more marks and longer than the “Task 1”, so manage your time accordingly.
  • While practising pay close attention to graphs, charts, pictures available in the newspaper or on the internet. Try to notice diagrams are used on TV commercials or on the news channels.
  • While writing the answer try not to describe the diagram, instead discuss what the diagram represents.
  • Analyse the question carefully.
  • Think twice before you write.
  • Always keep some time to re-read and edit.

4. Practise Fluency and Pronunciation

The speaking component of IELTS examination, it includes three sections, those are a structured interview, a short talk and a free interview. You can choose 2 or 3 familiar topics on which you would love to talk about, that can last for about four to five minutes. Before the talk, you will be provided one minute to get ready for the discussion.

You need to practice consistent practice in fluency including new words so that it would express your feeling. You have to memorize a lot of new words that you have learned or being taught.


  • Practice talking for a longer time.
  • Talk to yourself and try to describe your feeling with versatile words.
  • You can record yourself while speaking in English so that you can learn from your mistake.
  • For punctuation try to listen to radio, TV as much as possible. English movies with subtitles can also help you.

5. Practice Your Listening Skills

To improve your listening skills it would be better if you listen to English news as much as possible. You can make it a habit, listen to the English news like the first thing in the morning, and listen to audiobooks. Following are the tips to improve your listening skills:


  • Listen to the instructions more than once.
  • After writing down your answers check again.
  • Listen more than twice to the tapescript and write down useful expression.

Hope all the above tips would be helpful to prepare for IELTS examination, however, it entirely depends on your commitment and practice. You have to give at least a couple of hours every day to prepare for your examination. You can sign up to free IELTS course online or hire an experienced IELTS tutor who will provide personalised guidance so that you can work on your weaknesses more.

Where to find effective IELTS classes? Online or offline?

Are you looking for effective IELTS classes to add a pace to your preparation? Honestly, you can prepare on your own, but an extra helping hand would not be harmful. You can check for online IELTS classes, through which you can prepare from your home comfort. Make sure you have a strong internet connection, according to exiting and previous IELTS candidates online classes are way better than the traditional face to face classes, not only because you have to visit the classes but also sometimes preparing for an exam with a group of forty other candidates might not be a good idea.

Moreover, you can take consultation from different instructors for different sectors, it would give you better exposure, so as an IELTS candidate it is important to make the right decision. If you are thinking about convenient learning you might find offline classes suitable, besides offline classes are costlier than the online classes. You can save a hefty amount on online IELTS classes which you can utilise in different ways. Why spend extra when you have a better option?

IELTS online preparation is quick and convenient which can undertake anytime from anywhere, you can schedule your classes according to your availability. If you choose to hire an online IELTS tutor you can work on your weaknesses with extra attention. Before sitting on the final examination you need to evaluate your performance for which online IELTS classes are unmatchable. You can keep a strict eye on your time management skills by taking up various practice tests online.

Online IELTS classes can help you in more ways than one, let's see some of them:

Top Advantages of Online Classes

  • Convenience
  • Cost-effective
  • Constant guidance
  • Mock tests
  • Learning from different instructors
  • Developing a better ideology
  • Access online videos with online IELTS classes

Where to find experienced IELTS tutor?

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How to become an IELTS tutor?

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Preparing for the IELTS exam? Read this article to get some useful tips to ace up your preparation without stepping out of your home. Also discover how to become an IELTS tutor easily.


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