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Sudipto Das

Why Adding Online Yoga Class to Your Life Will Make All the Difference?

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that promotes self-healing within an individual. It brings harmony to the body and mind and enables one to attain self-discipline and awareness. But, given the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century, people often get hindered from reap

Nov 04, 2022 How-Tos and Tips
Sudipto Das

How to Write a Great College Essay

While filling the college application, the major component is the college admission essay. If you know how to write the best college essay, then you can easily impress the admission officers with your writings. Usually, a college essay consists of 500 words and can be more than that. Your wording

Jul 14, 2021 How-Tos and Tips

How Dance Classes Foster Your Child’s Social Development?

Are you a parent of a shy child? Don’t know how to feel him/her comfortable in every situation? Dance can be the answer which is a great way to encourage social development among children especially those who suffer from shyness, anxiety or other mental and physical issues. In this article,

Jan 09, 2021 How-Tos and Tips

What Makes A Great Music Tutor And How To Become One

If you are struggling with anxiety and fail to impress students with the music lesson you would be relaxed to know you are not alone, teaching is straight-up hard especially when it comes to imparting knowledge of extracurricular activities like music, drawing etc. Over the years,

Oct 14, 2020 How-Tos and Tips

How To Become An Online Violin Tutor: Things You Must Remember

Do you think you know how to play the Violin well enough to teach others? That’s great you have come to the rig place, give this article a read to know more about

Aug 19, 2020 How-Tos and Tips

How To Find The Best Chinese Mandarin Tutor Online: Discover Surprising Facts

One of the first reasons for which you must learn Mandarin is it is it’s the most widely spoken language in the world. If you learn Chinese Mandarin, you will be able to speak to millions of people around the world. Whether for business communication or traveling purposes

Aug 05, 2020 How-Tos and Tips

How To Get Your First Job As An Online English Tutor

The entire education section throughout the world is planning to shift online, so now days are gone for regular school going and getting punishment from teachers, no doubt these were golden days! But now the situation demands something more from students and teachers, as online teaching is the ne

Jul 20, 2020 How-Tos and Tips

How To Find The Best Online Dance Class For Your Kid

Do you want to learn different dance forms from your home comfort? If yes then don’t waste further time and sign up with us, our team will be glad to guide you. Still not convinced about online dance classes? Read the article till the end to know why you must enrol your child with the best