Classroom Management

Sudipto Das

Why Classroom Needs Technology?

Over the last few years, technology has grown exponentially. You can see that the people use slimmer TVs as compared to the big old boxes, hard-pressing mobiles are replaced with touch screen smartphones and tablets. Now, even books are replaced with e-readers. But the classroom? It really needs

Terrance Nicholson

Top Qualities of a Good Tutor

For the purpose of the mentoring sessions to be effective, it is crucial that an open relationship should be set between the student and the tutor. Frequently, this link is made quickly, yet at different times, it might take a couple of sessions before the student finds a comfortable zone with tu

Rita Smith

10 Best Ways to Help your child Focus on Studies

Distracted. Hyperactive. Easily frustrated.’ If any of these words describe your son or daughter, you are possibly concerned that he or she lacks the ability to keep focused. Concentrating on work for long hours isn’t that easy. There’s a lot of hurry, busyness, and bustle in a