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Sudipto Das

Enhancing Cognitive Skills Through Language

Understanding the human mind and how it processes information is a fascinating topic. One area of interest is the connection between language learning and cognitive skills enhancement.   According to an

Aug 18, 2023 Academics Career Options
Sudipto Das

Why Are Online Guitar Classes So Helpful for Your Child?

The guitar is a musical instrument that offers many benefits to all individuals, especially children. Moreover, learning it online can be more advantageous. For example, your child can take the class whenever he/she feels low. Moreover, there is no need to travel also. So, find the best

Dec 07, 2022 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Important Benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to presenting information in an appealing and compelling way, Microsoft PowerPoint proves to be the best option. The powerful software allows users to create presentations, reports and communicate information in the best possible way. Moreover, in addition to visuals, you add audio

Jul 13, 2021 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Five Great Accounting Jobs You Have Never Heard Of

Accounting professionals today have careers that require a range of skills that apply to highly specialised roles. When the 19th century ‘Journal of Accountancy’ compared an accountant to a business physician, its editors could not have envisioned the dynamic areas of practi

May 25, 2021 Career Options

How To Learn Dance From Scratch With Online Resources

Did you know according to experts dancers are born with talent? However, if you are a dance enthusiast you don’t have to worry about your talent as you already have that with you. However, if you wish to learn differently or a particular form of dancing this article aims to help you with fr


5 Qualities That Makes A Good Arts Tutor

Want to become a good art tutor that students admire? It’s challenging but possible if you are passionate about your subject and love teaching nothing can stop you. Students absolutely admire those teachers who are friendly, charming and knowledgeable. Teaching art subjects is not restricte

Feb 22, 2021 Career Options

How An Online Music Tutor Job Profile Look Like?

If you wish to become a music tutor and start giving lessons in your coaching or to a music school reading this article can be helpful in more ways than one. Here we will discuss qualification and job responsibilities professional music instructors according to the recent job demands in the marke

Jan 17, 2021 Career Options

How to Become an Inspirational IELTS Tutor

People from all around the world are looking to pass IELTS examination to explore new opportunities in the area of employment, education, immigration etc. Needless to mention many of them require professional guidance to prepare for the examination, which is there are lots of opportunities for IE

Jan 12, 2021 Academics Career Options