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How An Online Music Tutor Job Profile Look Like?

If you wish to become a music tutor and start giving lessons in your coaching or to a music school reading this article can be helpful in more ways than one. Here we will discuss qualification and job responsibilities professional music instructors according to the recent job demands in the marke

Jan 18, 2021 Career Options

How to Become an Inspirational IELTS Tutor

People from all around the world are looking to pass IELTS examination to explore new opportunities in the area of employment, education, immigration etc. Needless to mention many of them require professional guidance to prepare for the examination, which is there are lots of opportunities for IE

Jan 13, 2021 Academics Career Options

Why Dancing Is the Most Effective Mind-Body Workout

Whether you are enjoying music in the shower or moving your body along with music in the car dancing is always very enjoyable, in one way or the other. Dancing is not something that can bring a smile on your face but it brings a lot of physical and mental benefits, not only among kids but also am

Dec 31, 2020 Career Options

How to Deal With Mental Health Issues With Dance

Did you know our posture and movement has enormous power to transform our mental state? It can not only evoke repressed memories but also release spontaneity and creativity by reorganizing the brain. When we grow up we side-track our extra-curricular activities as if they don’t exist, but i

Dec 11, 2020 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Everything About the SAT and SAT Score Report

Presently, there are about 20 SAT Subject Tests. All of these tests can last for an hour. These tests are standardized. They contain a sequence of questions intended to assess your understanding of a particular subject. Many things happen after a test day to make sure that your assessment is scor

Mar 27, 2020 Academics Career Options
Sudipto Das

College Degree: Careers Vs. Pockets

Standing at a fork of your life where one road leads to the college and another to a company, you might be wondering which one to choose. It is a common problem faced by many students who come from a poor financial background or have less interest in higher studies. Social dogma, however, creates

Mar 19, 2020 Academics Career Options
Sudipto Das

Top 7 Job Hunting tips for teachers

When applying for any job, your priority should always be your CV. The teaching profession is no different either.  Your CV and experience will play a vital role in getting you this dream job. In this PPT, we’ve provided a few job-hunting tips that are meant specifically for wou

Sep 11, 2019 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Are You A Good Writer? [Infographic]

Someone rightly said anybody can write, but not anyone can be a writer. There are many avenues for a good writer to pursue their love of writing and get paid for it. Some of them are highlighted in the infographic below. 

Aug 27, 2019 Career Options