Piano Tutors: Enhance Your Kid’s Cognitive Abilities From Home Comfort

Oct 07, 2020

Parents try really hard to arouse extracurricular interest among their children if you want your child to play the piano or other musical instruments you must introduce those at an early age. Before enrolling then in a professional class, try to observe their interest in playing such an instrument. You must o serve carefully whether your child is interested or ready for piano lessons. Here our experienced piano tutors suggested some of the friendly yet effective ways to understand your child’s extracurricular interests, scroll down to discover.

How do I know my child is interested in playing the piano?

You must try to demonstrate some of the key qualities which are certain by the age of the child; some are ready by the age of three while some show interest after six, ensure that you must check the signs of readiness.

Mental Readiness

One of the first signs of mental readiness for learning piano is if the child can easily distinguish between his/her left hand and right hand because the piano is played using both the hands. The piano note is different from left to right, so it is very important for a child to know with which hand they are playing.

Another important aspect of playing musical instruments like the piano is patience; you must observe whether your child can sit still for around 15 minutes, this why some children began their lessons at early as three. Besides, they also able to practice in order to fine-tune their skills. Also, parents must understand that each piano tutor is different; initially, we recommend learning about twenty minutes within the home and increasing the time gradually from there. You can also check their mental readiness if they can count since music is based on mathematical patterns.

Physical Readiness

You can check the physical readiness of your child for playing the piano if they can place their hands parallel to the ground while sitting. You can make them practice such things if they can do it, they can successfully learn the piano keys without much struggle. Another thing that you must check is their finger strength. You will know if the child is ready for playing the piano if they hold objects strongly without dropping them on the ground. If the child’s tiny fingers are not strong enough to play the keys, you can wait or sometime like about a year to try again.

Another important skill is fine motor skills since at the time the piano required to hit with light first strokes which is only possible if the child has developed fine motor skills. How to understand as a parent? Well if the child can colour within the lines, you can tell he/she can learn the piano without much hassle.

Patience and stamina are another two important traits. While taking piano lessons, it is important to sit straight at least for twenty minutes during each class. They need to play the piano keys for extended durations that need physical strength. The child must not suffer from exhaustion. They must be physically strong enough to hold their posture along with focus while playing for a longer period.

Emotional Readiness

You can observe your child’s emotional readiness for playing the piano if they like to play such thing, for example at an early if they like playing electric keypad toys and really enjoy while playing this it’s a clear indication. Only those will succeed in learning the piano who likes playing it from the heart.

Another thing that you must check is if your child is willing to listen and follow any kind of instruction. Sometimes students with an enormous interest in playing the piano may lack the emotional stamina to handle criticism. Needless to mention, piano lessons are very costly, and if you wish to buy a piano without evaluating your child’s interest, it won’t be rational. So before spending a hefty amount, you must understand that your child is receptive to criticism they only they can perform better.

Another clear indicator is if your child directly asks you to take such lessons, sometimes students are very eager to get started, but that is so much to expect from a child. If you have a family culture of playing the piano naturally at a young age, your child will be introduced to such instruments. But sometimes it has been seen that individuals with a family tradition of playing piano and other musical instruments hate playing those!

Playing Piano and Mental Health: What Are The Connections?

There is a strong connection between playing the piano or other musical instruments with mental wellness as it is extremely good for overall brain development. This is why doctors sometimes suggest taking piano classes to reduce mental illness. Here are some of the worth mentioning features of playing the piano that has a direct effect on mental health.

  • Stress Release

Playing the piano requires a lot of attention, if you practice it on a regular basis with or a piano tutor you will get rid of extra stress in your daily life that can be resulted from performance pressure in academics, in office, relationship issues, etc. It is a great tool to channelize your energy in the right direction.

  • Easy to Play

A piano is one of the few musical instruments that can be played easily; you can opt for a professional class or online piano classes to learn it. There is no such physical pain involved in playing the piano; you just listen and follow some instructions to play the instrument correctly.

  • Split Concentration

Divided attention or split concentration is an integral part of playing the piano that sharpens your concentration skills. In order to play the piano successfully on must use both the hands together to read music while listening to the notes and working on the pedals. It’s no doubt a lot to do at once, but if your child can grasp it, they will become adept at using split concentration at the piano. In today’s time, multi-skilling is one of the must-have qualities to greatly improve in other activities in the outside world.

  • Foster Brain Development

Playing the piano has a close connection with brain development; it will make children more active and attentive. By practising a single tune of, again and again, they will understand to become patient and to focus better. It will also help them build problem-solving abilities in real life.

  • Improve Cognitive Ability

While playing the piano hand, eye and ear synchronization is a must if you can grasp it, your cognitive ability will be improved. You can also easily create a fresh tune if you know how to put a different piece of the puzzle together.

  • Improve Focus

This means improved test scores, so as a parent if you think learning piano would waste a considerable amount of time of your kid that he/she would be used to studying, it is time to rethink. If you want them to improve in academics, you must let them learn the piano or any other form of musical instrument.

  • Enhance Neuroplasticity

To put it simply, neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and establish synaptic connections, in response to learning to form new kinds of experience. Neuroplasticity is nothing but the ability of the brain to change form and function when stimulated by physical activity. Playing the piano stimulates the brain in a much positive way. According to various researches, it has been found that music stimulates the brain in a way that no other activity does. So while you are working on tough piano tunes, you are actually working on improving your attention, speech, language, etc. It also improves the ability to vocally convey emotions.

  • Good For Physical Health

Do you know if you want to keep your physical health in good condition music can foster the process? Regular playing piano gives you a lot of physical and physiological benefits which include sharpening fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, etc. The regular practising piano also improves your heart rate and reduce cardiac complications by lowering the blood pressure and increasing immune response.  Moreover, playing the piano makes your hand and arm muscle much active and stronger. 

  • Constructive Criticism

Students who learn piano professionally through a music class or from a piano tutor receive a huge amount of positive response which helps in improving their skills, but sometimes they also receive constructive criticism from their instructors in a much gentler form. It prepares students to accept feedback in many ways, based on which they can improve their response, they will also become adept at handling their emotions through their response. It goes without saying criticism carries in several other aspects in our daily life in school, in the family at work, etc. one must know how to respond in order to improve.

  • Improve Social Skills

When you send your child to a music class together to learn playing the piano together with forty other students, they will learn how to communicate better. Some students are shy and introvert in nature for those attending such music classes would be extremely beneficial as they can meet similar minded people. It will be much easier to express them through music which in turn will improve their communication skills.

Can learning piano improve mathematics?

There is a lot of research that suggests learning the piano or other musical instrument can improve Mathematics, since playing the piano involves a lot of calculations. Also, playing the piano improves your patience towards learning new concepts and also improves your focus, so yes if your child practices piano on a regular basis his/her performance towards mathematics can certainly improve.

How to arouse interest for piano among children?

As a parent, you must explore your kid to a lot of extracurricular activities in order to understand their response and interest. If you want to check his/her pulse towards learning musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin, etc. you must play those in front of them or show them such videos or talk about it in regular conversation which will aware them of that particular musical instrument.

Now kids are quite addicted to smartphones; you can play such videos that focus on playing the piano or other musical instruments which would be a primary idea of that instrument to your child. Professional piano classes are expensive; you can try online classes where your child can learn from home comfort and also if he/she doesn’t like to proceed further after a couple of classes you can stop anytime without spending much.

Do I have to buy a piano to learn?

This is one of the most asked questions regarding playing the piano, well if you are sure that your child is interested in learning the instrument you can buy it but if you are not 100% sure wait for some time. You can download piano apps to check the response of your child towards that instrument or else you can enrol them in online piano classes. You can also hire a professional piano tutor who can teach basic piano lessons within your budget. If you already have the instrument then well and good, but if not try sending your child to the tutor’s house to learn in the initial days.

May I learn the piano online?

Not only the piano, but you can also learn guitar, violin, and other musical instruments online. There are thousands of online education platforms in Hong Kong that provide experienced instructors to learn piano. You can check MyPrivateTutor, which is one of the leading online education platforms in your country, committed to providing experienced piano instructors to students like you.

You can get both online and face to face tutors to learn piano; the signup process is much easier than you think. Post your learning requirement with our team, and we will connect the best piano tutor to fulfil your need. You can get the full insight of your tutor that includes overall experience in the particular subject, qualification as a music tutor, fees, and other details so that it would be easier for you or your parent to select the perfect piano tutor.

Where can I find the best piano tutor in Hong Kong?

If you are looking for the best piano tutor near you, connect with MyPrivateTutor, one of the pioneers in online education platforms in Hong Kong, from basics to an advance level you will get the best instructor for your requirement. We know not all students are the same, some are smart and can grasp new things easily whereas some require more time to bring their best, our instructors have years of experience in dealing with different students, so they know the exact process to make them feel comfortable and excited about learning piano.

Days are gone when our parents used to ask their friends and neighbours about an authentic private tutor for home tuition; now you can search for your tutor comparing similar profiles. When it comes to the credentials of the tutors we prefer the utmost transparency, we showcase every detail like experience, qualification, expected fees, etc. on the profile so that you can get a better insight of the tutor. So if you are thinking of getting a perfect tutor for your child, get in touch with us, the signup process is much easier than you think.

How to become a piano tutor?

Do you want to become a piano tutor in Hong Kong? Great, you have come to the right place. Sign up with us to create your tutoring profile; our team will verify your credential documents and activate your account within less than 48 hours, you will be all set to get students according to your preference. You must have at least a diploma degree in playing the piano to become a piano tutor with us.

The best part of becoming a tutor with us is you can start easily and stop without giving much explanation, speaking of which online teaching is one of the most flexible job options available today. You can also decide your own fees which will be showcased in your profile.

Become a Piano Tutor in Hongkong

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Can I opt for a full-time piano tutor in Hong Kong?

If you are interested in piano teaching, you can opt for both part-time and full- time piano tutor with MyPrivateTutor, which has nearly three hundred registered piano tutors from different locations of the country. If you want to pursue piano teaching alongside your nine to five job you can opt for weekend teaching only (timing can be customized/ changed/edited anytime), similarly if you have time and can teach on a regular basis, you can be a full-time piano tutor with us.


Read this article if you are looking for the best piano tutor in Hong Kong or wish to become a full-time or part-time piano tutor. Also discover how to arouse interest in playing piano among children seamlessly.


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