Online Tutoring Jobs: Earn While You Help

May 02, 2020

Do you love teaching or looking to re-boost your career as a home tutor? Then read this blog till the end as you will discover everything you need to know regarding online tutoring. Becoming a private tutor through online teaching jobs is easier as there are so many online tutoring platforms that offer to create your personal profile as a teacher in order to get students. Learning has no age bar, so does teaching. You can become a teacher at any point in your life. In this digital era, it's quite easy to connect with people, work from home is the new buzzword among IT and non-IT organizations. Now anyone can earn from online jobs, especially from teaching.

Higher studies students, researchers, housewives, professors, college pass out, or any other person with different qualifications and jobs can become a private tutor, as teaching is always a viable option. The basic requirement is expertise in your area.

How to become an online tutor: a step-by-step guide

If you already have an idea about online teaching then great, but for armatures, it can be a complex process. Each online tutoring platform has different sets of navigation which are more or less similar.

Becoming an online tutor requires some basic steps to follow, those are:

  • Create an online account

At first, you need to create your account with the online tutoring platform in order to get students. You may need to upload your picture as a display picture which will be shown in your profile. You may need to remember your id and password to log in to your account.

  • Fill up your credentials

You need to fill up your credentials like name, age, sex, locality, etc. It will slightly vary from one platform to the other.

  • Mention your areas of expertise

Be careful in this step. Clearly mention your areas of expertise like which subject you wish to teach, from which standard to which standard etc. Also mention board specifications if any. These specifications will help students to understand your profile, and you will get only those students who match your profile.

  • Mention your charges

In your profile, don't forget to mention your expected charges as a private tutor, so that you don't have to discuss anything regarding that while teaching. Also mention how you like to receive your payment, i.e. bank details.

  • Mention the timing

In your tutor profile mention particular days of a week together with the number of hours, you will be available to teach the students.

  • Method of teaching

Describe your method of teaching, i.e. face to face teaching, online teaching, etc. Also mention whether you will use any kind of audiovisual aid for your students for their better understanding.

  • Other details

If you think there are other details that should be mentioned in your profile for better communication with the students mention them too.

After creating your tutor profile, you are all set to go. It will be a matter of time to get students around your locality. Generally, it requires 48 hours of activating your profile. However, it varies greatly from one platform to the other.

Benefits of home tutoring

If you are sitting at home or doing a regular job, wish to utilize your extra time or just looking to follow your passion for teaching, you must opt for online tutoring. Days are gone when people used to ask friends and neighbors about a decent private tutor. Now students can search their teachers online thanks to digital advancement.

As a teacher, you must understand one thing that every learner is different. Their behavior, opinion, learning requirement, body language, learning abilities all can be different. So you must open to accept things; as a teacher, you have to be agile. It will not be rational to compare one student with the other. Some students learn right away, while some require extra time and attention. So patience must be your main USP.

Nowadays, online tutoring teaching platforms have reviewing and rating options where students and their parents can rate a private tutor on the basis of their personal experience, so yes you have more reasons than one to be extra careful.

Here we have put together the advantages of online teaching for students, so parents who doubt about the effectivity of online teaching method must look at the following –

  • Convenience for learners

Today's learners are much smarter and tech-savvy; online teaching is one of the fastest adopting techniques among students of all ages, starting from toddlers to university students. It is one of the most convenient learning methods as education is coming at the door, so without stepping out from your home, you can learn.

  • Saves time and money

Online teaching can save your traveling time and money, which is why more students are coming every day to adopt this new learning method. Before the onset of online tutoring platforms students used to travel long to learn from their favorite tutors. But with online tutoring platforms, students can learn from various teachers, so it is a convenient and flexible option both for students and parents.

  • Lesser distraction

In a cochin class learning can be difficult as you have to sit with other students and listen to their tantrums. Introvert students sometimes face problems to open up about their learning difficulties as they could be judged by his/her fellow cochin mates. Tuition at home is undoubtedly a more comfortable option for them, so they can focus better on their studies. The best part of learning with online tutoring platforms is it's less restrictive and less formal than schools and traditional cochin classes.

  • More attention

Due to lesser distractions, students can focus more on their studies. They can learn more comfortably, which will help them to put more attention. The majority of learning places suffer from the problem of teacher-student ratio. One teacher in a 30 to 40 minutes class is unable to serve the learning requirement of 40 to 50 students instead of trying his/her best. However, online tutoring can mitigate the issue.

  • Improvement in performance

Learning from online tutoring platform can improve the performance of students as they can learn according to their time and comfortless, which is tough to achieve from the regular school curriculum. The students will get more attention from the face to face or online teaching, which will help them in scoring well.

  • Better understanding

Face to face learning will provide the chance to understand better to the students than they certainly get from the regular school curriculum. With a private tutor, students can share their opinion more freely.

  • Finding better learning style

With online teaching students can certainly discover a better learning style that will help them to understand complex concepts easily which would have been complicated along with 40 students in the regular school class running by a single subject expert.

  • Self-assessment

Sometimes students with excellent preparation fail to score satisfactory grades due to extreme examination fear. Online tutoring classes come with an exclusive self-assessment feature where every student can test their skills before the final examination. This way, they will gradually overcome their examination fear which is great for getting a good score.

  • Boost self-esteem

Regular Practising with online tutoring classes will boost the self-esteem of students. They will gradually understand their weaknesses and how to overcome those before the final examination.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, there are hundreds of other advantages of online learning for students. Every day hundreds of new private teachers are opening their profile to help students. From housewives to regular job holders and college pass outs, online tutoring is a great career option as you can earn well.

What are the must-have qualities in a good private tutor?

If you wish to start your career as a private tutor, check whether you have the following qualities, as most of the students and parents are looking for these qualities:

  • Compassionate – A teacher must be sympathetic in nature so that the student will communicate seamlessly regarding his/her learning requirement.
  • Flexible – Not all students are the same; some understand concepts quickly while some require special attention to learn. The teacher must be flexible and should know how to bring the best performance out of each student.
  • Caring – a caring teacher can help to build personality in students. Students sometimes idealize teachers, so if a teacher shows his/her caring aspect in front of the students, they can learn a lot from it.
  • Experienced – Parents always look for an experienced teacher for their child, so while creating an online tutoring profile, you must mention your experience in the concerned field.
  • Enhance self-confidence – Teachers must help students to boost their self-confidence so that besides getting a good grade, they can also become a good human being.

How to find the best online private tutor job near you?

Finding online tutoring jobs are easier than ever before; you just need to know certain things. If you want to teach the students by visiting their places, search private tutoring jobs accordingly, and if you want to teach students online, then search accordingly. There are various online tutoring platforms that accept private tutor on a regular basis.

You can Sign up with us for better assistance. We will connect you with hundreds of students from your locality who are looking for help. After creating your tutoring profile, it will be visible to thousands of students of our platform, which will enhance the possibility of getting students frequently. You can send a direct message to students who are looking for your help and earn from online teaching. So many private tutors and students are registered with us and shared their personal experience you can go through their experience to get a better idea about our platform.


Are you looking for online tutoring jobs? Read the article to find the best platform to work with along with some outstanding facts. Read what qualities parents and students want in private tutors.


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