Make a Plan for College

Mar 22, 2020

The big decision is choosing the college which you want to attend. It is the most crucial decision because you are going to spend the next couple of years in that college. So, don’t ever make a mistake of selecting the college in last minute as this often creates confusion that whether you are choosing a right college or not. It is always not wise to do such things as this is your career.

Check out the requirements:

The first thing to keep in mind is that the colleges may have unique admission requirements like in the areas of Math and Science. Some of the colleges also have SAT or ACT exam requirements. So, doing a background check will always help you land your dream college. You have to try again if your grade scores are not meeting the university’s requirements. Before the application deadline, it may limit your chances of increasing your score as the test dates of national exams determines this. So try preparing in your junior year to increase your chances of scoring well in national level exams and also it meets the college admission requirements by preparing in advance.

Also, one has to check thoroughly about the college as it may have an early admission date. Some colleges want you to apply before you finish your high school. Others just want you to apply before some deadline, so a background check early will help you here. You may not be ready to make a final decision about the college as a high school junior. But it’s always never late to start learning for any competitive exams. You can also visit college campuses and try learning their courses they are about to offer, speaking with some of that college students can really give you some idea of the college. The decision of choosing the right college is the most important part of your career as you may spoil it if you choose the wrong one. It is not the decision you can make at last minute and regret the rest of your life.

Make a plan:

Most of the high school freshers’ think that the admission process in colleges and the college applications seem like a laborious process. Most of the students feel that they are making a wrong decision while choosing the college. Thus, you need to make a plan for the college so that it will be easier for you to cope with. The most important thing is the grade point average the student earns, it is not only going to help you get good jobs but also contributes to land a good college.

Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is the number one enemy for students as their grade point average is one of the crucial elements for their college. Students need to avoid procrastination at any cost. It makes the students postpone an assignment to a later time. While some of the students just postpone their task due to their laziness. Some others even justify their act of procrastination by saying that he works well under pressure. Whatever the reason, students just need to avoid postponing things which might spoil their career.

Romeo Vitelli, Ph.D., in an article published in 2013 describes the widespread procrastination especially among the students. He says “According to the research studies, procrastination occurs over 25 percent of the time, and it is higher in students having over 70 percent at some point. The students who procrastinate waste their valuable time by doing activities like watching TV, sleeping, browsing or any other activities that might ruin their time”. This study describes the emerging trend from this data as three out of four students seems to procrastinate.

The most important area where the students seem procrastinating is choosing the college. The students need to understand which class to choose by an informed understanding of where they might want to end up. Cultivating study habits exceptionally and managing the time is important, but not now. Thus they need to concentrate on making a plan for the college.

Students just need to practice learning daily and early on before getting into the college. The college counselors, the academic advisors, and the seminars on study skills are always on student’s disposal, so they just need to choose which one suits the best. So, don’t end up in regretting by selecting the college early. Just stop the poor planning cycle and procrastination to end up in a good college as this makes in inheriting what you want to be, where you are and how to get there.

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