Learn Major Regional Languages of China With The Best Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese Tutors

Apr 11, 2020

Do you know Mandarin is the language of the Government of China which is mainly used in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, whereas in Hong Kong and Macau Cantonese is the local dialect?

China has five major regional languages among which Mandarin and Cantonese are worth mentioning. A report shows Mandarin is spoken by more than 800 million people globally, which is more than any other language - that is precisely why people are looking for online Chinese Mandarin Tutors for quick learning. It also shows, most people who moved from the greater China region tend to speak both Mandarin and Cantonese, though the latter was more prominent between 2012-2015. But now Mandarin rules over Cantonese. You can learn the Cantonese language through a range of online Chinese Cantonese Tutors; it is very effective and time-saving.

If we look at the global scenario, there are six major languages in the world among which Mandarin is one, while the others are English, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic

Why Should You Learn Mandarin and Cantonese Language?

Learning Chinese holds a lot of benefits to personal as well as professional growth. If you know the Chinese language, you will be having a better understanding of one of the richest and diversified cultures in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit China to see the Great Wall of China, pristine shrines, it's fantastic food markets, etc. Apart from that, so many people move there in search of their desired jobs.

Here are the 10 reasons to learn Mandarin and Cantonese:

1. Chinese: one of the most widely spoken languages in the world

Around 1,199,000,000 people around the world speak Chinese, which makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world because it is nearly 14% population of the world. Among those people around 874,000 speak Mandarin.

2. Countries around the world that speak Mandarin

The Mandarin language is not only restricted to China, but it is also spoken in countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia, and Brunei. So if you are planning to travel or relocate to any of the countries, it would be great to converse in their native language.

3. Enrich your Knowledge

According to renowned historians Chinese history is considered as one of the oldest and richest in the world civilizations. China is famous for its beautiful novels, poetry, stories, etc. Nowadays, they are also internationally renowned for their outstanding movies. So, if you learn Mandarin and Cantonese languages, it would be great to read Chinese biographies and watching their films.

4. How about making new friends?

Needless to mention, China has the biggest population in the world with more than 1.9 billion people, so if you learn Mandarin and Cantonese, you will be able to communicate with many people, not only that you can connect with them to a deeper level.

5. Long Term Business Relation

If we see from the business perspective, China provides excellent opportunities to its own people and also people around the world. Mark Zuckerberg learned Chinese to wow their people, not only that many CEOs of the top companies speak Mandarin or Cantonese as their second language to please the Chinese customers. So, if you want to make a better business connection with the local people, knowledge of Mandarin and/or Cantonese is unmatchable.

6. Learning Mandarin and Cantonese is Fun

Are you one of those who think learning Chinese is a great deal since the letters look odd? If yes, then hold on! Though there are over 80,000 Chinese characters, hardly 3,500 are used in regular conversation. In fact, Chinese is one of the most logical languages in the world.

7. Enhance your artistic skills

If you see Chinese letters carefully, you will realize the words are more like iconographic characters than simple letters. These characters are basically created using simple strokes. Learning these characters will amplify your artistic skills which are excellent for personality growth.

8. Improve Your Brain Power

Research shows learning different languages improves the overall brain power; it also shows Mandarin, and Cantonese speakers can often use both sides of their brains at the same time. So why not enhance your brain power by learning great languages like Mandarin and Cantonese?

9. Travel to amazing countries and seamlessly communicate

If you can speak Mandarin, you can seamlessly travel across many countries of the world, especially throughout Southeast Asia, as you will have the confidence to communicate with local people. Moreover, you can invite your friends and colleges to your house for dinner, and you can offer them the ultimate comfort by speaking their native language.

10. Enjoy Great Food

Chinese foods are recognized and adored throughout the world due to its mouth-watering taste and uniqueness. Some of the sizzling dishes are only available in China and nowhere else in the world. So if you can speak in either Mandarin or Cantonese language, you can enjoy Chinese cuisines, even more,

What Qualities are Imperative in a Chinese Tutor?

Now that you have made your mind to learn Mandarin and/or learn Cantonese, it’s crucial to review your Chinese tutor’s profile. So what qualities are essential for a Chinese tutor? Anyone can claim themselves as a Chinese tutor, but the success of learning the Chinese language greatly depends on the qualities of the teacher.

  • Their Native Place- From where do they come from? If they are from a Chinese speaking country like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. If they belong from any of these places and having Chinese parents, you can be confident about him/her. Chances are better that you will learn Mandarin or Cantonese faster and easier.
  • Qualification-check their qualification, Like Bachelor or Master’s degree, though these are not that much essential if the tutor is willing to provide tuition for Mandarin or Cantonese language
  • Experience - Check how much experience your Chinese tutor has in the field of teaching, especially language teaching.
  • Kind of lessons -Check what kind of lessons your Chinese turn will provide, whether that will be sufficient to solve your purpose. If not mentioned in the profile, you can ask about your requirements directly.
  • Level of advancement- when it comes to language training, there are certain levels like beginner, intermediate, advanced, university-level, etc. Before choosing your Chinese tutor, consider these levels of advancement so that it will easier for you to understand, communicate and learn.
  • Number and Duration of the classes - these are the most important parameters that you are asking or looking for in your Chinese tutor’s profile. The number of classes and Duration of each class should be considered before you zeroed down with a Chinese tutor’s profile.
  • Tuition fees - this is another important parameter that you must consider before finalizing your Chinese Mandarin tutor. In order to avoid any confusion, get all possible information about his/her fees.

After having gathered all the information, you can proceed with the Chinese tutor to learn your favorite language Mandarin or Cantonese.

Where Can You Find Chinese Mandarin and Chinese Cantonese Tutors?

In today’s digital technology, online tuition is reliable, safe, and effective than traditional face to face tuition. There are various online tutoring platforms that provide Chinese Mandarin Tutor and Chinese Cantonese Tutor around your locality (for backlink: if applicable). With online tuition, you can set your class any time suitable for you. You can keep things flexible in the whole setup; moreover, if you learn Chinese through audio-visual aids, your learning process will be triggered. You can also clear your doubts without any fear and competition. With various online tests, you can check your score so that you can understand how your lessons are going and on which part you need to focus more.


Looking to learn Chinese Mandarin or Chinese Cantonese from the best online tutors? You have come to the right place, read this full article to know how you can find the best Chinese tutors and why you should learn this Internationally recognized language.


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