How To Get Your First Job As An Online English Tutor

Jul 20, 2020

The entire education section throughout the world is planning to shift online, so now days are gone for regular school going and getting punishment from teachers, no doubt these were golden days! But now the situation demands something more from students and teachers, as online teaching is the new normal. Needless to mention the situation is more challenging, so teachers have to put more effort to teach students, whereas students still have the pressure to score well. Most schools, colleges, and other education organizations have already opened their own online tutoring platform which is continuously egging the market for online tutors. This lockdown has left many people jobless, but at the same time, it has also created various fresh opportunities, and online tutoring is no doubt one of them.

Are you looking for students to teach English online? Great, give this article a read until the end and start your career as an online English tutor. Before you start earning money by teaching thousands of students, let’s take a look at how well you are prepared.

Keep All Your Documents Ready

There are many online tutoring platforms that provide online English tutor to students from different backgrounds. If you want to be one such tutor, the first thing you must check is your credentials, like your qualification certificates which will enhance your reputation as a teacher and help you stand out among others. If you have any experience certificate as a teacher or subject expert, keep them ready to upload. Remember the parents and students will select you on the basis of your credentials in the first place.

Choose a Good Time Slot

One of the main reasons due to which more people are opting for online teaching is its flexibility. You can work according to your flexibility, the timing can be like a regular 9 to 5 job, or you can work on the weekends as well. If you feel like after doing your regular job, you have enough time to work as an online tutor, you are free to do that too. Your earning as an online tutor will depend upon how much time you provide.

Shoot a Good Introduction Video

You can record a good introduction video for your students and parent mentioning your method of teaching, areas of expertise, your experience as a teacher, etc. You can also talk about why students should choose you as an English tutor. Try to maintain a friendly tone throughout the video, also mention if you have cracked any examination like IELTS, TOEFEL, etc. You can also talk about your hobbies and inspiration in the video to attract more students.

Check Your Internet Connection

Another most important thing about being an online English tutor is to have a strong internet connection because you have to connect with the students while teaching. They will ask questions either by chat or by raising hands. The entire communication process depends on the internet connection, so before start teaching online double-check the speed of your internet.

Check Your Personality As a Good English Tutor

One of the must-have qualities of a tutor is to be compassionate; in online teaching, you will come across students from multiple backgrounds. Each student has different abilities with different mind-set; some are prompt with new concepts while some might take more time to respond and bring their best. So you have to be friendly and patient as a teacher, you must help them boost their self-confidence. Never judge their abilities; however, a little strictness will do no harm. If you are teaching junior students you have to keep different mind-set while college students require a different approach, so you must be able to switch on and off your personality while dealing with students from different age groups.

Choose Students And Check Other Specifications

While posting your job as an online English tutor strictly mentions the age group you wish to teach so that you only get the students according to your compatibility. You have to complete your graduation to teach higher studies students. However, some online English teaching platforms don’t require any particular degree or credential to start working; you just have to be proficient in English. Some students might look for tutors only for a chapter or for a project, so you will have multiple teaching options on online platforms.

Finalize Your Fees

Mention your fees as an online tutor which will be shown to your students when they will come to your profile. There is no scope of negotiation, so keeping competitive fees will be helpful to get more leads throughout the year.

Major Benefits Of An Online English Tutor

  • Working flexibility
  • Multiple teaching options
  • Get students from various background
  • Good payment
  • No travel cost
  • Enhance experience

How To Choose The Correct Online Tutoring Platform

There are so many online English tutoring platform that claims to be the best, but in reality, they fail to provide genuine leads. If you want to teach multiple students throughout the year and earn good commissions, sign up with us, and create your tutoring account. Let our team review your credentials and activate your tutoring profile.

From the vast database of students, we will provide you with the best suitable one across all boards and classes. From junior to English major students, we have versatile student profiles with us who are looking for immediate help. You can also decide your own fees which will be shown to the students. The students will pay directly to our portal from where you can collect the amount. So, what are you thinking, create your tutoring profile, and start teaching online English today!


Get your first job as an online English tutor with us and get multiple genuine leads throughout the year. You can decide your own time slot and fees. The application process is much simple than you think.


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