How To Become An Online Violin Tutor: Things You Must Remember

Aug 19, 2020

Do you think you know how to play the Violin well enough to teach others? That’s great you have come to the rig place, give this article a read to know more about online violin tutors. This pandemic has brought thousands of changes with it, among which online education is one of the most prominent. Before professionals with nine to five job used to take online classes in order to pursue higher studies without affecting their career, but now it seems online education is one of the safest learning options.

According to reports, throughout the world, the number of online education platforms has been doubled within the last six months, which means more and more students are looking for online instructors to fulfil their learning requirements. Some people see online learning as a compromised form of learning, but the truth is online learning is limitless and one of the most comfortable options available today. Imagine without online education platforms how students would keep on learning in this pandemic!

Not only subject knowledge but nowadays students can also learn playing musical instruments like Violin, piano, guitar through online instructors. If you are looking for a perfect violin tutor for your kid, search for online education platforms and select a suitable tutor who will provide appropriate musical knowledge.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Becoming an Online Violin Tutor?

If you want to become an online violin tutor, you must have the following criteria:

1. Experience Certificate

In order to provide violin lessons, you must have your experience certificate, which you need to upload to an online education platform to attract students. If you are a fresher feel free to mention that because so many students are out there looking for fresher violin instructor than with a heavy experience. Not for online teaching, in future, if you wish to try another job, your experience certificate will always provide extra benefit.

2. Qualification

You must have a bachelor’s degree in music or in learning piano, Violin, and guitar or in any other musical instrument you want to teach. You need to upload your qualification certificate to the online tutoring platform so that they can provide the students who are looking for your help.

3. Online Connection

Online teaching is practically not possible without having an internet connection. Remember you have to face the students sometimes with their parents over a smart device like mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet etc. So, yes, a strong internet connection is all you need.

4. Charming Personality

You must be an enthusiast regarding playing the Violin so that your students can feel the vibe and enjoy the session with you. You have to make the learning interesting to them since you cannot be present there physically. You must be compassionate, try to tell them the benefits of playing the Violin on a regular basis so that they can connect themselves with the musical instrument. Try to be a little friendly since it’s not physics or chemistry its violin!

How To Provide Violin Lessons?

If you are a professional violinist, you know the processes of providing basic violin lessons to your students are. But sometimes students with special needs might also require online violin tutor, so will you be okay to deal with them? If yes, mention that in your profile so that parents out there can see your ability and potential as a tutor. In most cases, students are looking to learn the basics of playing the Violin, so you know what to teach them, but here we will talk about how to teach them. You must be methodical, motivated and enthusiastic so that the students will feel the vibe while learning violin lessons from you.

Teaching Violin Without Proper Qualification

Well, it’s not easy to start teaching Violin online, especially if you don’t have a proper qualification. You can be really good at something without conventional learning; if you are one of those, then the good news is you can actually teach Violin without proper qualification. But you must provide proper credentials like video recording or so which can prove your musical knowledge. You can also provide a free demo class to the students looking for your help so that they will have an idea about how well you teach Violin online.

How Do You Start Your Job Search?

If you are new in online teaching, the first hurdle would be finding the right online education platform to register yourself as a violin tutor. Simply search “the best online education platform near me” and check the first five to ten options, you will get the scenario. The process is not too complicated but might require some time to get your tutoring profile activated. Make sure you have all the necessary documents to upload, also remember one thing that your experience and qualification will make you stand out among other violin tutors.

You can sign up with us to create your tutoring profile as an online violin instructor; the system will ask you to upload a few credentials. Our team will activate your profile within less than 48 hours; you are all set to get relevant students looking for your help. The best part of becoming a tutor with us is you can select your own fees which will be mentioned on your profile so that your students and their parents will have a proper idea about your remuneration.

We are one of the pioneers in online tutoring; regularly, we connect various online instructors to the students from various parts of the country. If you are looking to earn from teaching online, register with us now!


Discover how you can become an online violin tutor with us. The registration process is easier than you think, earn while you can help!


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