How Much Chinese Mandarin Tutors Earn?

Sep 03, 2020

Are you interested in Chinese Mandarin teaching, looking answer for how much Mandarin tutors earn on a monthly basis? Great, give this blog a read and discover the amazing advantages of becoming a Chinese Mandarin tutor.

Step By Step Guide To Become A Chinese Mandarin Tutor

Do you want to become a Chinese Mandarin tutor? Follow the step by guide to activating your tutoring profile. Before that, it is important to find a genuine online education platform that will provide genuine leads throughout the year. You can sign up with MyPrivateTutor; we have more than twelve years of experience in dealing with Chinese Mandarin instructors both online and offline, so whether you are interested in online teaching or traditional face to face teaching we have enough students for you.

The best part of working with us is you can select your own remuneration as a tutor and your own timing. If you want to teach Chinese Mandarin part-time along with your nine to five job, anytime if you feel you can’t provide enough time to teach, you can deactivate your account. Similarly, you can teach Chinese Mandarin full time with us.

Becoming a Chinese Mandarin tutor is much easier than you think:

  • Sign up with us
  • Hit the “Get Started” button
  • Choose the subject you would like to teach
  • Choose Chinese to teach Mandarin/ Cantonese/ Translation etc.
  • You can select multiple subjects at the same time (maximum five)
  • Choose your preferred grades (Beginner/Advanced)
  • Choose your class type (Private lessons / Group class)
  • Choose your area of teaching
  • Select preferred place of teaching (At your home/ Students’ home/ online)
  • Choose your own tuition rate

Your profile is almost ready, remember we only allow experienced and verified instructors to help our student, our team might ask you to upload your credentials like experience certificate, qualification, subject knowledge, etc. These are required to understand your quality and potential as a tutor. All your credentials will be displayed on your profile so that the students and parents will see every detail of you.

How Much You Will Earn As A Chinese Mandarin Tutor?

Well, it depends upon two crucial factors one is your experience as a Chinese Mandarin tutor, and another is your qualification. Whenever students and/or parents ask for tutors from our platform they have the full privilege to select their own instructor, some prefer highly qualified tutors whereas some go for an experienced one. One thing that is common among the tutors is they charge on an hourly basis; the below chart will provide you with a clearer picture of their remuneration. Students can also book a demo class from their favorite instructor (depends on availability).

How Do We Get This Data?

  • We compiled the profiles that has visited over the last few months on our platform in search of Chinese Mandarin Tutors.
  • We have graphically represented all the questions to understand the demand.
  • We actively conduct nearly ten surveys among the users of our platform to provide the most accurate answers.

Please Note: The price range published by our platform is an estimate only, and it is not all indicative of what you will be charged from our Chinese Mandarin instructor. Please note that your project cost will vary on the scope of the service and the type of Mandarin Instructor you will choose for your requirement.

Why Hire Chinese Mandarin Tutor From MyPrivateTutor?

If you are looking for an experienced Chinese Mandarin tutor for an upcoming project sign-up with us and let us know your special requirement, our team will review and within less than 48 hours connect with the best suitable profiles among which you can select one. We only provide experienced and qualified tutors to help our profiles, every day we connect hundreds of instructors with students from all over the country even from outside, so if you hire a Chinese Mandarin tutor, you will only get the best one.

Other than a Chinese Mandarin tutor if you require a tutor for any other subject let us know we have experienced tutors for all subjects. Also, if you require a tutor for a specific project or chapter, let us know that.


Do you want to know how much you can earn as a Chinese Mandarin Tutor? Give this blog a read and discover surprising facts. Also, discover the step by step sign-up process as an online tutor.


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