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Sep 15, 2020

Are you a music enthusiast struggling to attend your music classes in this pandemic? Don’t worry; this article might have some solution for you, scroll down to discover.  You must have heard about online music classes run by experienced music tutors; those can be an option for uninterrupted music lessons.

In this pandemic, while your child can not move out from their houses to play or to meet their friends, it is important to take care of their extra-curricular activities which will keep them mentally healthy. Seven among ten child psychologists suggest playing the piano, violin, guitar, or other musical instruments at an early age which helps to build their personality. So you have more reason than one to enrol your child with online music classes where they can learn from experienced music tutors.

Which is the ideal age to start music lessons?

Well, as a leading online education platform in Hong Kong, we have faced this kind of question every now, and then, to be honest, age is just the number that matters most is the courage. You can start music lessons at any age. If you have an opportunity you must allow your kid to learn music at an early age so that they can grasp things earlier. The ideal age to start music lessons is around three when a kid starts developing its cognitive abilities.

Sometimes we have heard parents postponing the music lessons of their child for a later age when they start showing interest in music lesson by themselves, well they too are right, but as a parent, you must explore your child’s interests from an early age. According to various researches, there is a “window of opportunity” from the birth age till nine or ten when they develop musical sensibility. As a parent, if you observe your child’s enthusiasm for music whether to play musical instruments or singing you must enrol them in online music classes from where they can learn music without stepping out of their house.

Why learn from online music classes?

As of now, online education seems the future, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions have already started their own online portal for consecutive learning. Parents are also helping their child in adjusting to online classes, and now after six months of struggle, students seem comfortable with online classes.  

  • Learn from home comfort- to learn music or something else you don’t have to step out of your house; you just need a strong internet connection and a smart device.
  • Budget-friendly – today hiring a subject expert or a music teacher might be a matter of costly affair, but if you opt for online education, you can take lessons from different instructors at the same time within the same budget.
  • Dynamic experience – learning from online classes has become an integral part in today’s scenario, if you engage your child with online classes at a young age, they will gain multi-dimensional experience which helps them develop their personality.
  • Develop skills – if you let your child learn music at an early age, they will learn to develop a meaningful relationship with music. You can introduce simple musical games to them in order to understand their interest in music.
  • Release stress- today’s kids are much busier in compared to 90’s kids because they have a hand full of things to explore, so they can be stressed out easily. Music can help them release their stress by channelizing their energy in the right way.

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Music and Mental Health

You must have heard the term “music therapy” which is a kind of intervention sometimes used to promote emotional health among individuals suffering from stress or some sort of mental illness. Music can be a source of pleasure that can relax the mind, energize the body, and help people better manage pain. Music can influence your thoughts and feelings to some extent, don’t you feel the zeal while listening to your favourite track? Sometimes music can help you gain confidence by promoting emotional health.

Did you know according to various recent researches it has been found music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain?

While listening to music mind releases 9% higher dopamine which clearly shows the integral connection between music and mental wellbeing. Some research also suggests the taste in your music can reflect your personality. Background music can help people in better focusing, which has a close connection in improving one’s cognitive ability. One study explored that listening to upbeat music can improve processing speed; it can also boost your mental performance.

Music can also improve memory, though it depends on a variety of factors including what type of music you are listening, when and for how long you are listening to the music etc. Music also helps you sleep better, insomnia is a serious problem among youth and elderly people, though there are many approaches to harness the problem music is one of the most promising among them.

How to find the best singing classes near you?

If you are looking for the best online music class near you sign up with MyPrivateTutor the leading online education platform in Hong Kong with twelve plus years of experience in dealing with online instructors and students. After signing up with us, you can post your learning requirement, evaluating which our team will connect with the best online music tutor for your child. We only provide qualified and experienced instructors to help our students, so from the credential point of view, you need not worry. From beginner's lessons to advanced classes, we have experienced music tutors to cover your dynamic learning requirements.  

Start your career as an online music tutor

If you are interested in starting your career as an online music tutor, sign up with us to create your tutoring profile. We have more than ten thousand experienced instructors from different parts of the country who are pro both at online tutoring and traditional face to face teaching, so you can choose your favourable mode of teaching. With us, you can earn while helping students learning, what can be better than that? Throughout the year, we will provide endless genuine leads matching your tutoring profile.


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