Frequently Asked Questions About Online Home Tutor Jobs

Jun 29, 2020

As a parent or higher studies student if you are looking for an online home tutor then give this article a read till the end since here we have highlighted some of the frequently asked questions about home tutors. Nowadays it's uncommon for students to travel miles to reach their tutor's house, rather now parents prefer tutors to come and teach their child. For junior students, it is recommended to hire home tutors since students can learn from their home comfort. For higher studies, student's online tuition is the best since they can learn at their own pace without any burden of classroom competition.

In this pandemic, the entire education sector is going to revive them by shifting their system online. Various parts of the world are still struggling to bridge the knowledge gap from the past 3 to 4 months. We are one of the pioneers in the online education sector, from the past 12 years we are helping students and instructors to fulfill their learning and job requirement. The following questions are specially curated for instructors who are looking to get online jobs, students, and parents, who are searching for the best home tutor. Without much ado, let's get started.

Frequently Asked Questions As a Student or a Parent

1. Who are home tutors?

Home tutors are teachers and instructors who provide tuition to fulfill the student's learning requirements. Unlike classroom teaching here, you can discuss your problems face to face with your tutor. Home tutors are known for their caring personalities which help the students to boost their confidence and in building a better personality.

2. How to choose a perfect home tutor for my toddler?

As a leading online tutoring platform, we have face this specific question many a time, before hiring a tutor, you must be very clear about your child's specific learning requirement. If you want an online math tutor, then ask the tutor about his/her teaching experience in that particular age group since teaching junior students is much more difficult than senior students. You can check our online tutoring platform where getting tutors for both online and face to face teaching is easier and safe than anyone else, sign up with us, and post your education requirement. Our team will provide the best suitable tutoring profile after evaluating your requirement.

3. Can I get an online instructor for my school project?

If you are looking for help for your school project post your learning requirement to get the best help from online instructors. You can get personalized help from our wide range of experienced instructors for your school project or any other educational requirement.

4. Can I choose an online instructor for my child?

If you sign up with us and post your requirement, we will provide multiple tutoring profile to you among which you can choose anyone according to your requirement. We won't force you to choose any particular tutor; you take the final call reviewing the tutor's credentials

5. May I know the qualification of the tutor?

Of course, after signing up with us you can see various tutors' credentials like their teaching experience, qualification, mode of teaching (online and /or face to face teaching) expected fees, etc. so that the entire selection process from your side will become easier.

6. May I know the fees of the tutor?

Yes, the expected fees of every tutor are displayed on their profile, so while selecting you can easily see their remuneration.

7. Should I hire an experienced home tutor for my kid?

As a parent, if you are searching for a home tutor for your toddler, we recommend selecting one who has experience in teaching junior students since they need to be more careful regarding the teaching method. It is easier to teach senior students compared to the junior ones, so the teacher must be aware of multiple teaching approaches since not all students are the same.

8. How many tutors can I hire for my child?

That depends on your child's learning requirements and learning capacity. For toddlers generally, one or two tutors are enough to impart knowledge of all the subjects. But sometimes senior students require the guidance of multiple instructors for separate subjects. Remember, do not hire too many tutors; otherwise, your child will get confused and eventually lose interest in learning.

9. How do I pay the tutor?

If you choose online or face to face instructors from our tutoring platform, you don't have to pay the tutor directly. You will pay to our portal from where the tutor will get his/her due, so you don't have to deal with them regarding payment at all!

10. Can I change the existing tutor and get a new one?

After taking classes if you are not satisfied with the teaching method you can request another tutor, but you have to clear the payment of the previous one. For better understanding, you can request a demo class from the same tutor you are thinking to finalize

Frequently Asked Questions For Online Tutors

1. What are the eligibility criteria to become an online home tutor?

If you want to become an online tutor, sign up with us to create your tutoring profile. You must be a graduate in order to teach senior students. While creating your profile, you have to select the specific subjects you want to teach; you also have to showcase your degrees and specification certificate in that. For example: if you want to teach online dance, you have to upload your dance degrees and certificates. We only allow qualified and certified professionals to help our students.

2. How much time should I dedicate as an online home tutor?

That entirely depends upon you, one of the main reasons for which more professionals are opting to teach online is the flexibility of the job. As an online tutor, you can teach anytime from anywhere. You can work six days a week or only on weekends, depending on your schedule, nobody will force you regarding your job schedule like a nine-to-five job.

3. Can I get students for face to teaching?

If you wish to teach students to face to face mention that while creating your tutoring profile with us, it will help students and parents to understand your teaching method.

4. Can I teach students online along with my nine-to-five job?

It is entirely your call to make; you can teach on weekends if you want to pursue it along with your regular job. There is no hard and fast rule; you can choose any time according to your schedule.

5. Can I quit anytime?

Yes, you can. Any time if you feel you want to continue you can quit and deactivate your tutoring profile with (terms and conditions apply)

6. How to apply for an online tutoring job?

Sign up with us and create your tutoring profile. Within 48 hours, our team will verify the account and provide students who are looking for your help. It's easier than you think.

7. For which subjects I should apply?

If you have specifications or certification in any particular subject, you can select those to teach the students. Provided you have proper credentials, then only you will get students from our side. We are known for our commitment and quality of tutors, without proper verification, our team won't allow any online tutor to proceed.

8. What is the selection procedure?

In order to create a tutoring profile with us, you need to sign up first. Our team may ask you to upload your credentials for verification. We will double-check your qualification before connecting students with you.

9. How many days a week should I have to teach?

There is no such rule; it entirely depends upon you. You can teach five or six days a week as well as only on weekends.

10. How to get students for online teaching?

If you sign up with us, we will provide students to you who are looking for your help.

11. Would I get any orientation?

From our team, you will get a small orientation guideline before you start teaching your first student with us. If you have experience in teaching online, you know how things would go, but if you are new in online teaching, you will get the necessary help regarding orientation from our professionals.

12. What would be my salary?

Again it depends upon you only. The more you teach, the more you would earn, considering your schedule if you teach students throughout the week like any other job obviously you will earn a higher amount; similarly, if you choose to teach on weekends, you will earn less.

As we have mentioned earlier, we are one of the most reputed online tutoring platforms that are committed to bridge the learning gap between the students and tutors. We provide online and face to face tutors for every subject including math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, multiple language instructors, online dance tutor, online piano and violin tutor, and many more. So as a tutor, you have endless options to teach. Every day we help more than a hundred students to connect with proper tutors.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with us to fulfill your tutoring requirement easily.


Discover the answers of the most frequently asked questions about hiring an online home tutor. Also, read if you are looking to get a home tutor job in this pandemic.


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