Does Your College Grade Matter?

Mar 24, 2020

This post is for those who think college grades doesn’t matter. College’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of the keys to the student’s success after they finish their college. After graduation, it matters a lot for listing it on their CV, and it should be an adequate number. It is also must to showcase their skills in the resume, but before that the employer will definitely question about the student’s grade.

According to Forbes and US News and World Report, GPA matters a lot for students who are planning for higher studies and also for searching jobs. Employers do filtering based on college grades before even taking the interview. So, if you want to maintain a good GPA, here is the list of things you can follow.

1. Show Up in Every Class:

Even if you don’t want to attend the lecture, don’t skip the classes, attendance is crucial for grade percentage. So, just show up in each and every class for grabbing even small topics.

2. Practice Better Study Habits:

If you want to get better grades, then you must have to keep practicing good study habits. For example, always study at least 2 hours in the morning because it can boost your concentration power.

3. Be Prepared:

You should expect bad days because scoring less in a single subject can affect your GPA. You should go through all the concepts, topics and the things in your syllabus. Exams, while you are sick, makes your GPA low, so be prepared for everything.

4. Give Priority to Hard Subjects:

What is the use of repeatedly studying the subject you know well? So, try to study hard concepts first so that it can boost your knowledge and day by day you will become familiar with it. Also, you just need to spend less time on easier subjects.

5. Don’t Procrastinate:

The things you want to eliminate is procrastinating. It is one of the bad things everyone does, and it is too dangerous. Even if you don’t feel like exhausted, you only procrastinate things but does other activities especially something entertaining.

6. Love to Study:

Even if you don’t like to study, keep practicing until it gets familiar for you to actually love it. At first, everyone will find it hard, but after some time it will become a cakewalk for you.

7. Think Positively:

Many students lose their confidence as well as positivity when they find their score low in their exams, thus making room for negativity. But you should think positively, as this is not the end and many exams are coming further.

8. Make Your Room Silent:

Before studying, make sure to make your room silent so that you can study peacefully. It also includes putting your mobile phone silent and eliminating any background noise or things that might annoy you while studying.

9. Know Yourself Better:

It is important for you to know yourself better. Make a list of things which annoy you while studying and try to eliminate it one by one and you will be familiar in studying without any disturbances.

10. Just Concentrate:

One of the keys to success is concentrating, try to study boring things at first because it makes you feel even bored if you study it later. Focus on what you are studying, because it doesn’t even matter if you study whole day long without focus. If you feel the lack of concentrating, then just close your book for some time and spend some time chatting or the things you would love to do.

Why do employers want to Hire Students with high GPA?

Most of the employers just want their employees should be smart enough. When you showcase a high GPA in your resume, employers automatically tend to believe in you, and it’s just a positive approach. Maintaining a high-grade point average is not a small achievement, it is all about dedication, hard work, and committing entire yourself in academic success. Also, if you have high GPA, you can stand out of the crowd. Of course, many employers like to hire people who possess excellent skills but GPA always comes first before testing your skills.

A survey done by National Association of Colleges and Employers says that 67 percentages of employers filter the candidates by their grade point average. Dan Black of Ernst and Young says that it is one of the key elements of student’s technical ability to do the job.

So, you will be known by now that the GPA is crucial to success. Try to follow the things mentioned above to maintain good GPA.


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