Choosing The Best IELTS Tutor Be Like

Oct 29, 2020

If you are looking for a perfect mentor for your IELTS preparation, so that you can prepare it at once, you have come to the right place. Give this article a read to find out which factors you should consider before selecting a tutor. Finding the right match can be difficult if you don’t know how to run your search, hope these tips will be helpful for you:

Tip 1# Look for Experience

When you are looking for an IELTS tutor experience matters the most, it doesn’t only mean tutoring experience. The tutor must have proper idea about each and every sector of the examination and syllabus so that he/she can help students to prepare better. The best IELTS tutors must-have part IELTS teaching experience on their resume. Many tutors have worked as an examiner for IELTS, so keep an eye while looking for an IELTS tutor that he/she must be experienced. Another important point is to work with a non-native speaker since that person most likely to take the IELTS test.

Tip 2# Look for someone who knows British English

Standard British English dominates the IELTS examination, so make sure your IELTS tutor is familiar with British English. The UK and British nationals make great tutors that don’t necessarily reduce the credibility of others as an IELTS tutor. If you live in Hong Kong and looking for a decent English tutor you can check online educational platforms that provide experienced instructors for IELTS preparation.

Tip 3# Make sure a good tutor address your personal needs

Not every student are the same, your tutor must be capable of addressing your personal learning needs. Some students are prompt at grasping new concepts while others require more time to understand and bring their best, so make sure your IELTS tutor understand your learning pace and help you complete the syllabus within the limited time frame.

Tip 4# Search for tutors online

You can start preparing for IELTS without the help of any mentor, but if you think an extra helping hand would work better check online education platforms. One of the best parts of studying online is you can take help from multiple instructors; you can also explore various learning forms which would help you prepare better. But don’t forget to check the credentials of your IELTS tutor like his/her experience, qualification etc.

Tip 5# Check affordability

Last but not the least, check the remuneration of the tutor, an experienced IELTS tutor might charge you on an hourly basis choose a scheme that suits both your budget and learning requirements.

Where to find the best IELTS tutor?

If you are looking for the best IELTS tutor sigh up with MyPrivateTutor, which is one of the leading online educational platform in Hong Kong with twelve plus years of experience in dealing with students and instructors. We have thousands of experienced IELTS tutors registered with us from different parts of the country comfortable both online and offline teaching, after posting your learning requirement our team will connect the most suitable instructor to help you.

With us you can compare multiple tutoring profiles and choose the best according to your needs, the best part is you can check the fees of each tutor on their profiles. Other than IELTS if you require a tutor for any other subject or extracurricular activities like music, art, dance etc. you can check our platform.

Which option shall I choose between online and offline tutors?

IELTS tutoring can be done face-to-face, so if you think you have enough time to prepare with a private IELTS tutor you can choose that over online tutors. However, for better preparation, you can choose a combination of both, practice the mock tests online while let someone guide you offline. Maybe you can find an IELTS tutor from your neighbourhood who will help you with exact study materials and guidance to excel in the examination in one go.

How to become an IELTS tutor?

Do you want to become an IELTS tutor? Great you have to come to the right place, sign up with us to start your tutoring profile within less than 48 hours. Upload your credentials and fill certain details like your areas of expertise, expected fees, comfortable time slot etc. and let our team get back to you. They will activate your tutoring profile at their earliest so that you can get students who are looking for your help.

MyPrivateTutor will not ask you any question if you wish to stop anytime, besides you can choose your own time slot to be it on weekends or on a full-time basis. Getting students for IELTS has never been so easy.

Wish to become an IELTS Tutor in Hongkong?

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Are you looking for a perfect mentor to prepare for IELTS? Give this article a read and choose a suitable IELTS tutor easily. Also discover how you can become an IELTS tutor easily.


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