Benefits of Playing Violin Among Children: Discover Surprising Facts

Jul 30, 2020

If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can make your mood lighter under any circumstances. Violin is a great musical instrument that provides a hand full of benefits in all aged persons, especially among children. The sound of a romantic era will enrich your learning skill. Some might think playing the Violin is harder and it is a costly instrument, but both of them are wrong. If you are a true music enthusiast, you can purchase a Violin anytime, and learning has become easier than ever before with online tutoring platforms.

You can find the best online violin classes near you and start learning the Violin any day you want. From your home comfort, you can learn to play the Violin with experienced online violin tutors. Playing the Violin is more like a lifestyle where you devote yourself to playing the instrument for a couple of hours every day.  Here our experts shed light onto the significant benefits of playing the Violin.

How Does Playing The Violin Affects The Brain?

According to various researches, it has been found that children who play the Violin regularly are likely to develop better cognitive ability at a much young age. Your brain would be active physically by playing the Violin on a regular basis. The cerebral cortex response in a better way so that the brain would be more adaptable to new needs. There is a small part in our cortex named Broca it handles different tasks like spoken language, musical abilities etc. so when you are playing violin Broca help you understand the difference between a good tone and a wrong tone.

Research also discovered the amount of grey matter in the region of the brain is tends to increase if a person plays the Violin regularly. In most people, the amount of grey matter tends to reduce as they started ageing, but with musicians, this is a rare case. Professional violinists have more parts of their brains devoted to violin tunes only. Studies also reveal the enlargement of particular areas of the cortex is greater in people who started learning music in comparatively younger age.

Does Playing Violin Make You Smarter?

Do you know Albert Einstein’s mother was a very talented musician who used to make various musician expression as a part of her daily home life when her children were playing around and growing up? Einstein began playing the Violin at the age of six, by thirteen he was playing Mozart’s sonata, once he said life without playing music is unthinkable for him, he said “ I think my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music”.

So, if you are a parent of a growing child wondering how to channelize your kid’s energy into the right path, let him/her play the Violin regularly. A new study has revealed a strong correlation between one’s cognitive ability with musical training; scientists have specifically looked at the effects of musical training at an early age. Executive functions are known as high-level cognitive processes that help people to process and retain any type of information quickly; it also helps in regulating their behaviours in daily life, making appropriate choices, solving problems, taking care of a particular situation by adjusting mental demand etc. So, if you allow your child to play the Violin he/she will likely to be smarter since people who started learning music at an early age has improved executive functioning, which promotes academic achievements directly. This is why many schools are extending and adding more time to their music programs.

According to release by Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston Children’s mentioned: “While many schools are cutting music programs and spending more and more time on test preparation, our findings suggest that musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future.” Research also reveals musicians have an enhanced ability to integrate sensory information from touching, hearing and sighting.

What Is The Ideal Age To Learn Violin?  

Beginning music learning before or at the age of seven has been shown to have the greatest impact. At that age brain begins to keep information which helps people to shape their behaviour together with their cognitive ability, it affects the overall brain anatomy at a mature age. Systematic training is crucial in order for musical improvisation of the brain; it helps in building more extensive connectivity within the brain.

So, if you let your child learning the violin or any other musical instrument, it would be their internal asset. They will be independent by behaviour. Eight of the ten professional violinists have stated learning Violin before the age of nine. Musically trained children showed amplified performance in terms of various aspects of executive functioning.

Is There Any Connection Between Playing The Violin And Learning Math?

Believe it or not, playing a musical instrument can boost your brain function better than anything else. It nourishes the personality of a person as a whole. Playing musical instruments help learners ability to learn in different areas; it will help them broaden their mind. When you start playing the Violin, piano or any other musical instrument your brain activates the auditory, visual cortices and motor at once. Playing the keyboard stimulate activity throughout the brain.

Professional musicians are found to have a larger corpus callosum, which is a pack of neural fibres connecting both the hemispheres of the brain which help transmission of the information across the brain. So if your child knows how to play the violin or any other musical instrument, they will learn maths faster without any hesitation. An active brain is the repository of all the information necessary for learning mathematics because music helps you concentrate better; basically, it makes you a better learner. 

Music is something more than just a subject; it is like a lifestyle. The brain will have high plasticity if you play music regularly at least for a couple of hours; it also makes you a better person. Sometimes people listen to music in order to boost their focus for doing any work, be it solving mathematical problems or doing your English assignment.

Playing Violin Releases Stress

Music keeps you calm from the inside, according to various psychologists’ people who suffer from stress or anxiety must apply music therapy in order to get better. Music has a unique effect on our emotion; it helps in keeping our blood pressure low. According to various Psychologists, slow classical music often boosts your mental condition towards positivity with its extremely relaxing effect on our minds. It also decreases the level of stress hormones. Playing the Violin or other musical instrument gives you a sense of achievement, so you have more reasons than one to play the Violin.

Violin As A Career Option

If you start playing the violin at an early age, you can make a career option as a violinist. You can help other learning the instrument, passion for your knowledge to others is a great option as an instructor. If you are interested in teaching Violin, you can register yourself to online tutoring platform as a violin tutor. You can search for the best online tutoring platform to create your account as a tutor. And then it will be their responsibility to provide you, students. Online teaching will increase your experience; in future, if you want to apply in any other job you can always showcase your experience as an online teacher.

You can teach your students the benefits of playing the violin or any other musical instrument. You can try playing music in a science class which will help your students to focus better. A teacher must push the boundaries so that the students discover about their potential. So, if you are wondering about the poor math score of your child, let them play the Violin and ask them to listen to music for an hour to improve their concentration.

Where to Find the Best Online Violin Tutor?

If you are looking for the best online violin tutor for your child to sign up with us and create your profile. Mention some details like exactly what lessons you are looking for and timing and mode of teaching you prefer, evaluating your requirements we will connect with the best violin tutors near you so that you can start your class right away. Fees of all the violin tutors are showcased in our website, for better understanding you can check according to your budget. After taking the class if you satisfy with the violin tutor’s performance, you can hit the “Payment Release” button. If you don’t like the teaching method of your violin tutor, you can replace him/her with another one.

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