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Oct 22, 2020

Is your child struggling with maths? As a parent, it is difficult to watch your kid struggling with academics subjects, especially maths, maybe this is the right time your child needs an extra helping hand- math tutor. Finding the right math tutor can be toilsome, especially if you ask for recommendations. If you don’t help your child at an early age, the struggle will become worse with higher studies. But don’t worry, you are not alone! Thanks to online education platforms which make the whole process easier for parents like you, if you are looking for an experienced math instructor for your child give this article a read and find the right tutor easily.

Finding the right tutor has never been easier, you must remember your parents’ struggle for the same, but now the situation has changed, now you can easily spot the right instructor for your child

How do I know my child is struggling with math?

If you observe some of the few signs in your kid while practising math, it might indicate towards your child’s struggle to learn maths.

1. Missing major milestone

Instead of practising maths on a regular basis if your child fails to meet-up major milestones like completing a group of chapters with connected concepts, it is a clear indication of having trouble.

2. Issues with basic math concepts and facts

If you observe your child struggle to remember basic math concepts that have been taught and learned in the past, consider it for another sign of math difficulty.

3. Struggle to learn advanced math concepts

While learning new and advanced mathematical concept if your child shows difficulties repeatedly, it can be a clear sign.

4. Difficulty in time managing

If you see your child is having a problem in managing time including learning clocks, sticking to a schedule, always missing the timeline, having fear or issues with timeline etc.

5. Fail to establish any connection with math families

If your child having issues with understanding the basic connection between math fact families like 10+5 = 15 and 15- 5 = 10.

6. Trouble solving mental maths

If you see your kid is struggling with mental maths like counting with fingers, it can be a clear indication of math problems.

7. Cannot relate math concepts to real-world problems

If you observe, your child is struggling to apply math concepts to real-world problems or real-life situations like adding or subtracting values of regular items.

8. Math grades are lower than other subjects

If you see your child is struggling to get a good score in maths but maintain overall good score in other subjects, clearly he/she needs assistance in maths.

9. Doesn’t show interest to find different approaches to a single problem

A single math problem can be solved in different ways if you see your child is not showing enough interest in those different ways; it can cause a serious problem in the long run.

10. Express Negative comments for Maths

One of the easiest ways to spot whether your child is struggling with math is their approach towards the subject like “ I hate math” or “ I am not good at math”. If you see him/her consciously avoiding math-related activities, it’s usually an indication that they are struggling with the subject.

What causes a child to struggle with maths?

Mathematics is a cumulative subject; it can be difficult for many children to learn unless they understand it; interest in mathematics needs to be built over the years. Teachers and parents must work together to harness such issue among a child; if you see your child is disengaged with maths you have to work on that, it doesn’t necessarily mean your child lacks intelligence.

Here we have mentioned some of the reasons for which your child may not show interest in mathematics and try to avoid it.

1. Lacking building blocks

As mathematics is a cumulative subject, it is crucial to understand the basic concepts, if a child lag behind in one area due to improper understanding moving towards advanced topics will be difficult.

2. Anxiety for Maths

If a child struggles with maths for a longer period and receives criticism for the poor grade it would develop anxiety for the subject; they might feel they are the one struggling with the subject while others are doing fine in it. This kind of behaviour is quite alarming; you must make them understand that they are not the only one struggling with maths, and it is temporary if they try they will get a good score in mathematics.

3. Learning difficulties

If you observe your child is feeling nervous while solving mathematical problems or struggling with other subjects, it can cause a long-term effect. Under that circumstance, they struggle with working memory which causes trouble in remembering math facts. They may understand the logic behind math facts don’t know how to apply the exact formula to solve the problem.

4. Lack of response

If you observe your child is not interested in participating in math class, do not respond to your queries like how was day or how did you perform in your math class, what about homework, when you are planning to do the math homework etc. it is can be the introductory situation for a long term math problem.

5. Feeling for permanency

Instead of understanding the process or the concept if they try to jump on to the conclusion, they might undergo long-term struggle with math.

6. Not having proper guidance

Last but not the least every child requires guidance for math just like other subjects which help them understand their potential. When it comes to maths special attention is required which would help your child the subject better, if they managed to make their basics strong by clearing preliminary math concepts they can catch up with complex problems easily.

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How to arouse interest for maths among children?

If you observe your child is struggling with maths instead of being sad or make someone responsible, you can start doing things that will help arouse interest in the subject in your kid. As a parent, it is your responsibility to give attention to every subject; you must help them understand math is not a struggle it is as interesting as other subjects. Try to apply some cool math hacks which will keep your kid feeling interested in the subject.

Here are some of the tricks and strategies that you can try with your child in order to arouse interest in mathematics. If you are an online math tutor, this section of the article will be helpful for you to deal with students having math difficulties.

1. Incorporate problem-solving in daily life

Try to make problem-solving as a part of your child’s every day’s routine. Today many instructors recommend to begin with the application before instruction; you can try asking a single question to your child or students which they will discuss between them in order to come to the solution. Let your child go through such experience for 10 to 15 minutes on a daily basis; it would help them focus on the process rather than the answer.

2. Reduce anxiety through different math games

Make the whole learning process fun; don’t let them feel any kind of pressure while dealing with math problems. Try to communicate with them regarding math issues while playing games; it would be great to leverage the power of games to practice simple math facts and to deal with different concepts. If they see they can explore various math-related issues through regular life activities, their math stress will reduce gradually; they will feel comfortable talking about math problems with their teachers and friends.

3. Talk positively about math

You child can become a better learner if you help them individualize their though the process with your personalized guidance. If you think this is too much for you, you can hire a decent math tutor suitable to your child’s needs. But try to talk positively about math don’t tell them you were very bad it in your childhood they might think it’s okay to be in mathematics in the first place. Talk about your experience and technical skills related to maths and how your parents used to reward you after seeing your math score. Keep them as motivated as possible with your body language.

4. Provide them with enough resources to learn maths

Try to observe your child’s addiction and try to blend maths with every possible game. For example, if your child is addicted to the smartphone, try to subscribe to different basic and fun math games and make sure your child watch those interactive games and participate, encourage after getting good marks or completing basic levels to move to advanced one.

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Mathematics is a great subject; if you observe your child is avoiding maths or struggle to bag a good score in it connect with us. But read this article before giving us a call, to understand how you can help arouse interest in math in your kid.


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