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Nov 04, 2020

If your child interested in drawing you must encourage in every possible way. In this pandemic parents are looking for an alternate option for their children which are nothing but learning online. There are various free online drawing classes from where your child can learn a hand-full of new concepts, you can check YouTube for free drawing lessons. If you want someone to help your child with advanced drawing lessons you can connect with a reputed online education platform who are committed to providing the best instructor suitable for child’s drawing needs.

Or, you can directly hire an online drawing tutor from MyPrivateTutor, the most trusted online education platform in Hong Kong that has served over a million students within twelve plus years of experience. Before you sign-in let’s take a look at the article to discover some exciting facts about your child’s drawing habits.

How to understand my child’s interest in drawing?

As a parent you have to keep a strict eye on your child’s growing habit towards extracurricular activities like drawing, music, playing instruments like piano, violin etc. Just handwriting can give you the first psychological insight about your child’s interest in arts. Here are some of the key points to consider when you interpret your child’s habit towards drawing.

1. Check the way they hold the pencil

While drawing check how your kid is holding the pencil or the brush, the hold must not be too loose or too tight, it should be appropriate to draw. You must help them learn the grip for the first time, check after that how precisely they follow your rules.

2. Check their patience

In order to draw something precisely, your child must learn to become patient, you must guide them on that point. If you are a busy parent you must let the drawing tutor do that. Sometimes kids love drawing new things for a certain period of time if left unnoticed they might lose the motivation, so you must know how to keep your child motivated while drawing.

3. Check minuteness

Check whether your child can draw particular shapes as a beginner, or can fill the colours within the border, if yes they might ready for the next level of drawing. Any form of art is a way of expressing oneself if you let your child practice drawing at an early age they might find interesting and take it forward with their dedication and hard work.

4. Check forms of art

If your child continues to express his/her love for drawing you must introduce new forms of art for a better understanding. A good drawing tutor must know how to push the limit of their students towards excellence. A child always tries to project themselves into drawing, it could be the emotion of the very moment, so try to give them breathing space while drawing, do not impose too many rules every time, let them be spontaneous so that you can analyse their feelings better.

5. Check interest to learn new things

Check how your child reacts while introducing new things like new forms of art, new drawing materials etc. Don’t encourage the repetitive nature of drawing, check if you notice any wired drawing pattern of your child, ask the drawing tutor to understand the hidden meaning of it, they might be able to provide some sort of clarification, this is why hiring an experienced drawing tutor can be one of the best things you can do to your child.

6. Constructive criticism

You child must be habituated to receive constructive criticism while learning new things either from a private tutor or from a drawing class together with forty other students they might receive some of the comments to improve their learning skills. Make sure your child must accept the criticism wholeheartedly instead of a negative way.

Why online drawing classes are a better option?

Let your child learn to paint ad draw from the comfort of your home with online drawing tutors and put a hold to the drawing school. There are thousands of reasons for which online drawing classes are way better than visiting a drawing school, let’s take a look at what our experts say:

1. Learn from home comfort

In this pandemic most of the education sector has been shifted online, teachers, parents and students have learned to give and take lessons online. If you want to encourage your child’s growing interest in drawing you must let them learn from their home comfort, find the best online drawing tutor with MyPrivateTutor and get started today.

2. Learn at your own pace

If you hire an online drawing tutor your child can get personalised attention to learn at their own pace without the extra burden of competition or matching other students’ pace. Extracurricular subjects like drawing, learning music, playing the piano require extra attention that should come from within, you don’t necessarily push your child for such artistic skills, instead if you observe their interest in the same you can try hiring a suitable drawing tutor who will help your child polish their artistic skills with proper knowledge and personal care.

3. Better communication

Some students might feel hesitated to ask questions in a classroom setting if they learn from a private drawing tutor they can communicate without any hesitation. While learning drawing and sketching not only the child must be open to learning but also he/she feel comfortable to ask any question regarding drawing. So make sure the drawing tutor is eligible to quench the thirst of your child’s art queries.

4. Better guidance

Every child requires better guidance to polish their artistic skills otherwise they will lose their interest. Try to introduce new drawing materials like paint, brush, pencil, different kinds of sketch pen etc. to keep your child motivated. Make sure the drawing tutor guide your child properly without passing any judgement.

What is the ideal age to start drawing?

Most children start their first scribbles around 12 to 20 months since by that age they are able to sit up without external help. They also learn to pick up and throw objects to different directions. If you want to play by the book the ideal age to start practice drawing is between 2.5 to 3 year, but remember not all kid are the same when it comes to express their artistic talents. Some might express a single sign of drawing until the age of five or six that doesn’t mean your child is immature or not interested in drawing, sometimes you just have to go with the flow

How to get an experienced drawing tutor?

If you are looking for an experienced drawing tutor for your growing kid, take the help from Google, simple search “the best online drawing tutor near me” check the first few results or simple signup with MyPrivateTutor and post your learning requirement. Now new-age parents prefer online learning for their child that makes it easier to track their success, besides you don’t have to move your child from their home comfort. Young artists require special attention which is not always possible to provide by the parents, especially if you are a working parent. We understand the special art requirement of students that not only includes drawing but also music, learning dance, yoga etc.  We have thousands of certified drawing tutors registered with us from different parts of the country, we verify the credentials of our teachers so don’t worry about their credibility. Simply sign up with us and get the best drawing tutor for your kid.

How to become an online drawing tutor?

If you are looking to become an online drawing tutor, signup with us to set up your tutoring profile. We provide multiple students to all our tutors on a regular basis. We accept applications from a range of profiles including senior retiree, regular job holder, housewives, freshers, professional drawing tutors etc. You can select your timing slot and your own remuneration which will be mentioned on your profile for the better understanding of our students and their parents. So, if you wish to become an online tutor, connect with us now!

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Sometimes it’s kind of tricky for parents to understand their child’s artistic interest, give this blog a read to understand which signs will tell your child is ready to learn drawing and sketching. Help your child to get an experienced drawing tutor easily. Also discover how to start your career as an online drawing tutor.


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